Duolingo 4.93.5 (MOD Premium/ Plus)

Duolingo Plus MOD APK

Duolingo (MOD Plus) is one of the best language learning apps that many people trust and use. With features that remind, learn vocabulary, new structures, and levels, users can easily upgrade their language skills.

Summary Information

NameDuolingo: Learn Languages Free
Mod FeaturesPremium/ Plus Unlocked
Latest version4.93.5
Require AndroidVaries with device
UpdateFebruary 6, 2021
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About Duolingo App

Duolingo is a great application that helps users learn foreign languages quality and mostly for free. It provides a completely free language learning course, with no ads and no fees during use. Users do not need to spend too much money to go to the study center but can still experience the full convenience of learning a language. It also has the feature to remind the learner as a real teacher. Just work hard, you can improve and increase your language skills a lot.

Learn a variety of languages ​​and choose skill levels

Duolingo for learning English is not only, but it also offers users many popular languages ​​in the world. If you already have an adequate English level, you can choose to start learning a new language like French, German or Spanish, and more. With Duolingo, your language learning will be more flexible, anytime, anywhere. The syllabus and exercises for these languages ​​are similar to English, allowing you to improve your language proficiency comfortably.

Plus, it also enables you to choose the level of language skill training you desire if you start a new language. In the first step of proficiency, the app will ask if you’ve learned the language or just a novice. For example, if you choose to learn English each time, users get a simple test to assess your level, thereby providing more suitable exercises preliminarily. This helps properly evaluating your abilities and improve your level in the correct and most effective method.

Duolingo features

Fully train four listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

When learning a language, what all learners are interested in is how to practice and fully apply the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Duolingo supports fully training four primary skills of language learning in which listening skill is very focused. It is divided into two modes: everyday listening and slow speed listening to help learners get acquainted and increase their reflexes.

For speaking skills, it allows recording your voice to check if you are pronouncing correctly or not. You need to read into the mic section, and it checks automatically. Reading each word, phrase, or sentence structure and recording them is an effective way for many users who use it. In terms of writing, after you complete your vocabulary lesson, it will quickly test you by separating the sentences and letting you merge or re-fill the missing words.

The lesson is divided into the level

The content of learning in the application is also divided into each lesson. You must complete each task before you can move on to the next task. Duolingo also helps users track their progress and check themselves if they qualify for the day. With each challenge, you will have the opportunity to review all the knowledge you have learned through listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises. With each unique and unique card format, you will progress quickly.

Learning vocabulary while playing

With the motto of learning and playing, Duolingo creates a comfortable learning environment and does not force learners into any framework. The words will repeat many times in many different contexts; this increases the learners’ ability to memorize. Besides, you also have the opportunity to translate actual words into the language you study.

Similarly, each lesson is also divided into many different levels and challenges. You need to complete each challenge or matching levels to unlock engaging lessons behind. Therefore, it stimulates each person’s learning and curiosity, making you want to learn more and absorb new knowledge faster. Plus, the flashcards about all life topics are also an excellent tool for you to learn vocabulary. Swipe it to the left or right to show whether you know that word or not.

Daily learning reminder

If you are in the centers, the teacher will remind you to complete your lesson; then, you will be prompted with notifications and sometimes by email. However, the remainder is limited, and Duolingo is not always ready to remind you. If you don’t participate in practice for a long time and ignore the notifications, the app won’t remind you. This proves that you have not completed all progress and your study is not practical. So every time you get a notice, you should start studying right away.

Duolingo Plus plan

APK MOD of Duolingo

Duolingo is a fun and free language learning app. However, it will be even more interesting if you upgrade your account to the Plus plan.

Duolingo Plus

It’s free, but if you want to study more and won’t be bothered by ads, you should sign up for Duolingo Plus. With this package, downloading lessons offline is straightforward, and you can take advantage of it any time to learn. Overall, this version does not have too many differences. However, if you regularly travel to places without wifi, you should consider upgrading to your Plus account for a better learning experience.

You can see detailed information about all Duolingo Plus benefits at the homepage of the app. The app offers a 14-day trial package for the Plus experience completely free. After the trial expires, you have the right to cancel or continue using this Plus plan by paying its cost (monthly or yearly plan)

MOD features

Plus Unlocked: You get all the benefits of a Plus account without paying any fees.


If you are starting to learn from scratch, it would be great to know with Duolingo as its features are perfectly suited to those who do not have a necessary new language foundation. If you don’t want to spend too much money on foreign language learning centers anymore, download it right away and start your learning journey.

Download Duolingo 4.93.5 (MOD Premium/ Plus)


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  • Read our Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.
  • Duolingo: Learn Languages Free requires Android Varies with device, 21MB of free memory.
  • We will not be held liable for any damages as a result of the download.
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