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Dungeon Dogs MOD APK (Damage, Dumb Enemy, Money) 3.2.2

Dungeon Dogs MOD APK – Collect Heroes and join the Dog Revolution!

App NameDungeon Dogs
Publisher PocApp Studios
MOD InfoDamage, Dumb Enemy, Money
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About Dungeon Dogs

Dungeon Dogs is the latest game from the people who made Castle Cats. It takes players into a world of adventures, fights, and complex gameplay they can access from their phones. In this idle role-playing game, players go on a trip with rebellious heroes Lyra, Ken, and Poppy as they try to get rid of the evil rule of a cat king and set the dogs of Lupinia free. Dungeon Dogs will be fun for both new and experienced PocApp’s Idle RPG players. It has exciting game features, beautiful graphics, and a deep story that fits well with the famous Castle Cats Universe.

System for Playing Idle and Active Games

The game is a unique mix of idle and action gameplay that lets players send their heroes into fights even when doing something else. When they return, players can use the game’s complex-making system to improve their heroes with the valuable prizes they’ve collected. Each hero has their own unique set of skills and traits, which gives the game more depth and variety. On the other hand, players can take part in real-time fights, immersing themselves in the revolt and helping their heroes directly.

Collecting and Making Changes

With more than 100 different dog heroes to collect, Dungeon Dogs gives players a lot of choices for putting together their dream team. These heroes can be “evolved” and given new skills, traits, and clothes, so players can make combos that are genuinely unique and original. Players can also collect more than 100 different things for their gang leader, which allows them to make the game more personal and fit their tastes.

A story that is new and different

This game is a fun, stand-alone story set in the Castle Cats Universe. It has many puns and an excellent plot to please both new and old PocApp’s Idle RPG games fans. Immerse yourself in the world of Lupinia, where the fate of the dogs is in the balance, and join the rebels in their never-ending fight against the cruel cats.

Ever-Evolving Gameplay

Dungeon Dogs is a constantly changing game, even though the main storyline has more than 85 tasks. Players always have something to look forward to, whether a yearly event or a guest visit by a famous person, because events are updated regularly. Adding new heroes, including “guest” heroes, periodically adds to the player’s collection and makes the game even more fun.

Help from the whole community

PocApp Studios values the contributions of the community and encourages players to get involved in making the game. The studio’s social media outlets and Discord server fully back contests, fan art features, and more related to this game. Players can have their thoughts taken into account and even used in the game, which makes them feel engaged and helps them work together.

Putting an end to an old argument

Dungeon Dogs allows players to get involved in the age-old battle between naughty dogs and mean cats. As the player, you’ll be in charge of a pack of dogs and lead them in a brave fight against the evil cats. Dogs and cats are natural enemies, so they rarely get along. The species are at war because they have always been at odds, and only one side can win. As the owner and keeper of these brave dogs, you must train and breed them to prepare them for the coming fierce fights. Help the rebels win their fight against the cats who are controlling them.

Controlling the Dogs in Battle is a game you can play

Take advantage of the chance to be on top with your friends. Join teams in exciting battles where killing enemies is necessary to move forward. With three to five loyal dogs on your side, the number of men you need to beat the enemy will depend on their army size. But there are times when the number of people killed isn’t enough to defeat powerful enemies. Before going into the fight, planning and preparing carefully is essential because your opponents are powerful. Your mental sharpness will keep you from getting hurt in dangerous situations where life and death are on the line.

Sometimes, both teams are stuck in a stalemate and need help figuring out who won. In such situations, strategic upgrades become essential. Continuous hits keep your troops on high watch and ready for any challenge by ending any idea they can relax. Every good fight adds to a pool of experience that can be used in future battles. When fighting strong opponents, keeping a solid attacking edge is very important. Targeting your opponent’s weaknesses will not only do much damage but also teach you how to beat them in the future.

Quite a few exciting people

In Dungeon Dogs, winning depends on assembling a strong, always-changing fighting dog team. On the battlefield, you need brave warriors to fight for your side. Each dog hero has a different fighting style and personality, and players can get to know them better by giving them unique names and jobs. There are over a hundred different types of dogs, and DNA changes have given them different looks. It’s incredible how many different kinds of dog heroes there are. When you collect these fantastic fighters and give them jobs on the battlefield, your opponents will be scared.

Choosing a Good Captain

The dog update support system is essential to the game’s winning goal. The game lets players get different tools, colors, and even a magical book. You need to collect more than a hundred other things to use these personal skills to their full ability. But it’s hard to find a skilled military leader to lead your troops, and it’s also hard to decide which side to financially back. Your chosen dog must be consistently aggressive and good at fighting to speed up their growth. Giving them a giant sword, putting them in solid armor, or changing the color of their coats are all ways to make them more unique. In addition to being good at fighting, the captain must know a lot about military command and be able to use magic, strengthening their place within the ranks.

How the roles of the characters are split up

In Dungeon Dogs, the busy farm is the principal place where players can check on the health of their faithful friends. Each dog hero has multiple jobs, and their help goes beyond the fight. Each group has rights and duties as a player who collects heroes from different groups. With over a hundred other breeds, the farm needs to grow to make room for all of them. Coins and diamonds are essential for building up the domain and improving it. When players quickly gather these resources, they can boost their benefits and overcome opponents. Ultimately, if you work hard and learn how the game works, you will rise to the top and be in charge of a large population and area.

MOD APK version of Dungeon Dogs

MOD feature


  • Mod Menu
  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode
  • Free shopping


  • Unlimited Money
  • Free purchases for real money.


Dungeon Dogs is a fascinating idle RPG that puts players in a great battle between dogs and cats. Dungeon Dogs offers a unique gaming experience with its seamless mix of idle and action games, extensive hero collection, exciting stories, and constant updates. Join the rebels as they try to get rid of the cruel rule of the cat king and give the dogs of Lupinia their freedom. Accept the task, show off your planning skills, and start a journey that will keep you busy for hours.

Download Dungeon Dogs MOD APK (Damage, Dumb Enemy, Money) 3.2.2

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