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Drive and Park 4


  • Publisher: SayGames
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 43M
  • Latest Version: 1.0.12
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: February 27, 2019

Drive and Park is a very simple entertainment game but is very popular among players, which was released by SayGames not long ago. This game has been developed with fairly simple content about how to properly park in urban areas and parks. This game is currently at the top 2 of the Simulation categories on the AppStore, and on Google Play it has received more than 5 million downloads along with nearly 40,000 reviews from players. In the article below, ApkMazon will guide you how to play the game, some tricks when playing and bring you a version of Drive and Park MOD APK.

Drive and Park 1

Drive and Park – Entertainment game with proper parking duties

The gameplay is quite simple

Your task in this game is quite simple, you just need to control a model car moving and to park the car in the right place. In order to complete the game according to the schedule, you must achieve the required number of points by parking parallelly 10 cars exactly and away from the appearance of police cars. However, this is just basic gameplay, you need to know the tricks below to be able to become the best player.

Drive and Park 2

Well control the “drift”

In the Drive and Park game, you can “drift” into parking boxes quickly and quite simply, not as complex as in real life. When you first get used to the game, you will get the guidance from the system which is the arrow suggested when you prepare to park. These arrows have a utility to assist in capturing the moment from the start of the skid until release when the car has entered the parking lot. The ability to capture and control these 180-degree rotations is a key factor, which helps you save a lot of time as well as avoid unwanted troubles with police cars.

You need to avoid the following errors

If you start your drift too early, you can completely lose control of the running vehicle, causing it to crash into other cars and even hitting the around objects and turning the car. If you happen to have such accidents, the police will appear, and of course, the game will end. In addition, you need to avoid estimating the wrong range of parking space compared to the car size. It is also one of the most popular reasons why you lose.

Drive and Park 3

Handle all situations

Each car is different, especially in the speed, so the control, as well as braking to create the drift phase, also need to be well studied and considered very carefully. For example, when the car has just started and you want to drift, it only requires you to brake when the distance is as far as a car’s size. But if your car is twice at the speed, even triple, the performance of braking will have to be done sooner than that. If you happen to start drifting a little bit sooner or later, it’s certainly not a bad idea to release your hand. Although it will make it hard for the car to have a good drift, it will help you avoid car-turning and having to play again from the beginning.

Make money and improve the scores

It is not difficult to earn enough money from 10 cars. Depending on the type of vehicle, there will be a certain amount of money paid for an accurate landing. Cars with higher levels will gradually appear in the latter part of the game, giving you big revenue along with small challenges. Choosing the best cars and accepting the challenge is the easiest way to make money and improve your skills and scores during the game.

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Download Drive and Park MOD APK

Overall, the Drive and Park game has quite new gameplay, very simple but still quite addictive for players. In addition, images in the game are also quite beautiful and sharp with 3D graphics background. As a free game but Drive and Park will have two extra packages with the features of No Ads $ 2.99, Medium card pack $ 4.99 and package Small card pack $ 1.99. But with our Drive and Park MOD Apk version below, there is no charge to own those features.

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