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Suppose you love cars and speed but are tired of traditional racing games. Because they often carry the speed factor without any novelty, they always follow the default route to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. However, the time has come for you to look to Drift Max Pro for a completely new experience with chases and dusty road-filled Drifts that make a difference, bringing a unique feeling to participants.


The mobile racing game segment is becoming busier with products like Drift Max Pro after being dominated by Need for Speed or Asphalt for too long.

Drift Max Pro is a traditional racing mobile game produced and developed by Tiramisu, a reasonably well-known unit in the racing game segment, thanks to a series of quality products based on this theme over the years.

Each product of Tiramisu, when released, has received great expectations from players because their quality is increasingly improved compared to the previous version. See what exciting things await you in the latest product from this developer.

About Drift Max Pro

Since its launch, drift Max Pro has quickly attracted many participants and was downloaded because of its beautiful appeal to players. Currently, the game has more than 50 million downloads and millions of positive reviews on Google Play, showing how great the attraction of Drift Max Pro is.

Drift Max Pro creates a racing arena big enough for everyone to comfortably connect so that you can join everyone in the World.

Unlike other racing games with this game, players are required to do more work for the car to run on the road. But in return, you also have more emotions while driving.

With each successive turn, the player must quickly steer to avoid being hit by the roadside. Although it will be difficult for young drivers, rest assured that this version will have a tutorial for newcomers.

Drift Max Pro mod apk download

Interesting Gameplay

In Drift Max Pro, players do not have to use speed to finish first in each race, so you will not be sure to win. With this game, you need to have continuous Drift phases to achieve the highest score.

The more drifts, the more impressive your bonus points will be and the easier it will win. If other traditional games speed is put on top, the skill will be the most critical factor determining the winner with Drift max.

You need to show your skills with a combination of the Gas and Brake keys combined with turning the steering wheel to create the most beautiful Drift screens during the race to be able to score the highest score and become the winner. 

Diverse Race Track

Drift Max pro has a full range of races, from simple to complex for players to choose from. If you are a new player, you can select the less winding and winding racetracks.

When the racing level is higher, you can increase your level; you can choose the super winding, winding roads to show your Drift talent to score higher freely.

Drift Max Pro is full of famous race tracks around the world. From the Formula 1 races in France, the bustling streets of Tokyo, the racetracks in Madrid, Spain, or the colorful bends in Brazil… all in this fascinating game like no other. But, hey, try to experience it all.

Super Car System

If you want to own a supercar in real life, it will be a bit difficult if your economy is not strong enough or if you are strong, the number of cars you can own can only be counted on your fingers.

But when participating in the game, you can freely choose the car you want from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Nissan Silvia S15, Ferrari, or Lamborghini; there are many famous car manufacturers similar to reality for you to choose from.

The car collection in Drift Max Pro is very diverse with many popular brands. Each car has 4 characteristic parameters, including Drift, Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling. They all affect the outcome of the race. Upgrading a vehicle is a way to increase its stats. Most car models are not available from the beginning. You need to complete missions to unlock new cars or buy them from the in-game shop.

Drift Max Pro gameplay

Customize and Upgrade your Super Car

For players to have a perfect beautiful car and increase their power when racing, Drift max pro also allows players to upgrade, replace parts, decorate as they like. You can change paint color, window color, hood, etc., or upgrade turbocharger, tire type, transmission, sensors, etc.

Your car will be very different when upgraded. Try to upgrade all to have a perfect car.

You are free to change almost anything on your car, as long as you have the money to pay for the upgrade. For example, if you want to make your car more beautiful, you can look for eye-catching decals or beautify your car by repainting every detail on it.

Not only that, but car stickers are also a fun way for you to decorate your car. Besides, if you want to upgrade your car’s power, you can improve the aerodynamics system; this function helps your vehicle have better traction.

Next is to add Spoilers and change the Weel angler’s height or Suspension; everything will be beautiful and significantly affect the race’s outcome. And the remaining problem is the main factors that make up the car’s power, such as the engine, brakes, etc.

Diverse Game Modes

When participating in the game, you can choose 1 of 2 game modes: Career mode and Online Multiplayer mode (1v1 Dual).

With Career mode, you need to perform the game’s tasks; there are more than 100 tasks, from easy to complex. After completing the mission, you will collect a lot of cash, gold, and upgrade cards. Therefore, try to complete as many tasks as possible.

As for the online multiplayer mode, players can connect and race with all their friends worldwide. You need to hone your skills to be able to beat your opponents on the track.

The ranking is always a prestigious thing that everyone wants their name written on; try to be Top in the rankings.

Drift Max Pro game mode


Drift Max Pro has stunning 3D graphics that easily match any racing game on the market. With unique motion effects highlighting each phase of your Drift, the highlight in the game attracts a large number of participants.

Unique graphics combined with the quality sound make you feel when you first enter the game through the engine’s roar, the sound of wheels rolling on the road, or the sound of brakes when handling sharp turns.

All of them are depicted very realistically, making it easier for players to overcome challenges and complete missions.

Final Thought

With the racing game genre, giving players the feeling of adventure in each race but completely free to download, when playing, there is also a mode without using the internet that can be played. Still, the quality is not inferior to the version using the internet.

Drift Max Pro is entertaining to help players have the most relaxing moments, so why not download the game right away to experience it?

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