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Football is the king sport. No one can resist the attraction of this subject. The matches in the English Premier League – EPL have billions of global viewers. Thanks to that, football is more and more developed. It is no longer a live match on TV, and now, football can also be an attractive game on smartphones. This article introduces you to a beautiful football game – Dream League Soccer 2022.

Dream League Soccer – The top soccer game

I have always dreamed of a team with De Gea in goal, David Luiz at center-back, Ozil in midfield, and Benzema as a striker. They are all the players I idolize. My wish is to one day see them play in the same club. Surely, those will be matches of dedication. So why not start building such a team?

With Dream League Soccer 2022, you can build your own dream team. This is a 3D football game. Besides directly competing with opponents on the field, you will experience team management. The game requires both personal skills and tactics. Dream League Soccer 2022 is always at the top of smartphones’ most popular sports games. So what makes this game so attractive? – Let’s find out with APKmazon now.

Dream League Soccer 2022 mod apk download

Build your dream football team

You’ll start with naming your dream team and choosing the team’s logo. You can also edit your team’s initials (which will appear on the dashboard during the match).

Next is the selection of a coach. This is the “representative” character for you in managing the affairs of the team. Choose this carefully because you won’t change coaches unless you start over completely.

Finally, Dream League Soccer 2022 will present you with the captain’s armband candidates. This is like a gift from the game for new players. These players are all superstars from famous clubs with very high stats. You can only choose one person without any transfer fee, so make the right choice!

You have completed the team setup. Now let’s play and develop the team to attract famous players. That way, you can build a dream team with the players you love.

Realistic gameplay

At Dream League Soccer 2022, you will directly control the players to compete with other teams. The rules of some tournaments may be scoring through rounds or knockouts. But one thing is for sure, we all aim to win

Each match in Dream League Soccer 2022 is simulated exactly like real-life football matches. From the time each half is 45 minutes in the game (about 4-5 minutes in real-time) to injury time, the extra time and penalty shootouts are fully designed. You can even feel the authenticity in the matches at home – away. Controlling the game is a team of referees with intelligent AI, including the line referee and the main referee. They both made correct decisions in fouls and offside situations. You can even replay some of those situations with the 360-degree camera and slow-motion and offside-line features.

The realism of Dream League Soccer is also reflected in the suspension penalties when the player receives a penalty card. Or sometimes, your players will be injured and have to rest for a few matches.

In Dream League Soccer, the game’s difficulty is classified according to the levels of the league. With increasing difficulty, tournaments include Academy Division, Division 3, Division 2, Division 1, Junior Elite, Division, and Elite Division. The condition for promotion is that you have to win the previous tournament and upgrade the team facilities. This will be quite a difficult challenge but also very attractive.

Dream League Soccer gameplay

Easy to get used to the control system

Starting with Dream League Soccer, you will be given an extremely easy-to-understand beginner’s guide. In-game manipulations such as shooting, passing, and slicing are clearly illustrated to make beautiful techniques. The game interface is very friendly and easy to get used to. It only takes you a few minutes to get used to how to play this game.

Besides manipulating the competition, you will also need to familiarize yourself with tactical adjustments. Specifically, here is the change of players in the match, adjusting the playing style and playing lineup. Everything is detailed and easy to operate.

In addition to the operations in the game are the functions of managing the team. At this point, you will be guided about the transfer market, adjusting the squad and tactics. You have to do everything like a real manager.

Game Modes

Dream League Soccer 2022 has three game modes: Career, Multiplayer, and Events. Let me explain through these modes.

  • Career: This is an offline game mode where you play agains the AI team. Yes, now you can play against famous football teams without connecting to the internet. Career mode is also where you can adjust squads and transfer players.
  • Multiplayer: This is where you can play friendly against other Dream League Soccer 2022 players. There are 2 main modes in this Multiplayer, which are online competition with random players and playing against players near you via Bluetooth connection.
  • Event: This is a fairly rare event mode, but its rewards are huge. In this mode, you will participate in a special tournament with AI of very high difficulty. The more you win, the more Coins you will receive. But if you lose, you will be disqualified from the tournament.

Besides, a sub-mode, “Training,” allows you to practice shooting, dribbling, and using techniques. In addition, you can also practice handling the ball with fixed situations in this mode.

Transfer market

This is the place for you to build your dream team. Dream League Soccer 2022 owns every player who plays for teams around the world. After each match, the transfer market will be refreshed once you can visit and sign new players. Each player has a separate transfer fee that grows according to skill stats. To sign contracts with big superstars, you will have to spend a huge amount of up to thousands of coins. To increase your chances of attracting famous players, you will need to upgrade your team both in terms of facilities and team achievements.

Occasionally, the game will give you a “Secret Player” event on the transfer market. This is when the players are completely anonymous, and the transfer fee is heavily discounted. You will not be able to know their identity; signing famous or unknown players will depend on your luck.

You can also create a “virtual” player in the game. This opportunity very rarely appears. This is when the “Create Player” section will appear on the transfer market. Just click on that, and you can design your own player. Of course, the amount of coins to pay is not low at all. The trade-off is that you can name yourself, decide the stats shirt number, and play the position of this special player. He will also become a player on your team.

Team development

To continue participating in the more significant leagues, you will need to grow your team. The first is to upgrade the squad to confront stronger opponents by transferring or upgrading stats. Please click on “Team Management”, select the player and continue to click on “Player Development”. Here, you can choose the stats to upgrade. Except for the physical parameters that cannot be changed, the remaining stats such as finishing, dribbling, passing, technique can all be developed. The higher the player’s stats, the more Dream League Coins you need to pay (an in-game currency). The player’s stats will reach a maximum of 100 points, and then you will not be able to upgrade anymore.

In addition to upgrading the squad, a mandatory condition for your team to promote and play in the bigger league is to upgrade the facilities. Specifically, here is the football field. Your pitch must meet the tournament’s minimum seating requirements. You will have to spend quite a bit of money on upgrading the quality of the stands, the pitch, the design of the stadium. But believe me, the money you spend is completely worth it. With the high quality of the stadium, you will get a lot of money from the sale of tickets to the stadium. You will have a passive income after each match to cover the team.

Dream League Soccer graphics

Realistic graphics and sounds

Dream League Soccer 2022 is designed in 3D. I rate the game graphics as quite nice. Although not as impressive as the Pes game or modern football games, with low capacity and light configuration, Dream League Soccer is completely superior. The players are designed with different looks and are quite realistic, you will easily recognize Pogba with his characteristic hairstyles or Cristiano Ronaldo’s handsome face. The player’s movements on the field are very smooth and flexible, and the physical impact mechanisms are also realistic. Additional details such as the stands and fans are also designed in detail.

I like the sound of Dream League Soccer 2022. The simulated sounds are very realistic, from the sound of the ball on the field to the sound of the fans in the stands. The game’s sound can also “interact” with the player by increasing/decreasing the volume in stressful situations. A special thing in the sound in Dream League Soccer is the commentary sound. You will directly hear the commentators’ voices in each case occurring in the match.

MOD APK of Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer Coins governs most of the activities in the game, from upgrading and transferring players to managing facilities. These will directly affect the quality of your matches. You will have to spend a lot of time competing to earn coins or accept to buy them with real money for a cost of about $ 6.5 / 5000 coins. But at APKmazon, you can download the Dream League Soccer MOD Unlimited Coins version completely free.

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Coins: You can freely spend to build your dream team and upgrade players.


If you are a person who likes to play football games and wants to try the feeling of managing a team, don’t miss Dream League Soccer. You will be hooked from the first game, believe me, because I am too. Click on “Download” and install the game on your smartphone right away!

Download Dream League Soccer MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 6.14

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