Download Dream Hospital MOD APK v2.0.9 (Unlimited Coins, Diamonds)

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Dream Hospital 1


  • Publisher: Lab Cave Games
  • Platforms: Android 5.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 63M
  • Latest Version: 2.0.9
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 3, 2019

Today APKMazon will bring you a simulation game for all ages called Dream Hospital. This is a simulation game that allows you to build and manage your own hospital. There will be many problems for you to solve, ranging from simple to complex, such as diagnosis and medical treatment, often to stressful operations. Your goal is to develop and maintain a hospital, improve the quality of medical examination and treatment as well as develop research and solutions for rare and new diseases.

Dream Hospital 1

This game was released in late December by developer Lab Cave Games. Dream Hospital supports both Android and iOS via Google Play and AppStore, for completely free so you can experience the game easily. The purpose of the article below is to show you how to play the game, how to build and develop your hospital that is most reasonable and understandable. In addition, we will offer you a Dream Hospital MOD version with Unlimited Gold / Diamond feature

Dream Hospital 2

Familiar simulation gameplay

As mentioned above, the Dream Hospital game is developed in common simulation gameplay, in which the theme is to build and develop a hospital. Your mission will be to create a hospital then develop it bigger and more fully with buildings in the hospital and around it. You have to constantly develop your hospital through the construction and upgrade. And here are the detailed and effective guides for you before you step into this Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator game.

Dream Hospital 3

Works around the hospital

You need to grasp the layout of the hospital layout as below to create a best hospital:

  • Wherever there is a seat, you need to arrange an automatic vending machine and a trash can, to meet the food needs as well as keep the hospital environment clean.
  • Keep your hallway airy, convenient for travel
  • Keep an eye on the Ambulance icon – which will help you grasp the situation of the hospital.
  • You can easily earn coins, but gems and design versions do not. Use them wisely.
  • For each type of box will produce different types of items, the most valuable are Super Box and Epic Box.

Things to remember

  • Recovery time for staff and nurses: Anyone needs to have rest periods after stressful working hours, especially staff and nurses in your hospital. When your illness does not have many staff and nurses, this becomes even more difficult. One way to reduce respite for employees is to build a staff room near the center of the hospital. Besides, you can mobilize and hire more doctors in other hospitals.
  • Sanitation in public places: The hospital is a very difficult place to keep hygiene because of the amount of waste as well as a large number of people, so you need to arrange trash cans reasonably, where needed.
    Reduce the overload of pharmacies: To minimize the overload of pharmacies, you must monitor the amount of patients going into the hospital’s pharmacy.
  • Rare diseases / Diagnostic errors: Sometimes you will experience rare symptoms from the patient, making it difficult to diagnose the condition. You can then narrow and eliminate them, focusing solely on the most suspicious symptom to draw conclusions for the patient.
Dream Hospital 4

Advice for you

  • Using gems in the most reasonable way, you should not be wasted for the purpose of burning stages. Gemstones used to open hospitals are the best option.
  • Regularly monitor the amount of medicine at the pharmacy to ensure a fixed amount of medicine at the counter, to avoid a shortage that leads to the unfortunate loss of guests.
  • Check the store every day to get more information about new doctors and items, thereby giving strategies and balances and calculations of personnel.
  • Maintain service speed with the timer. They will help you automatically receive and resolve queuing patients.

Features of Dream Hospital MOD APK

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds

Download Dream Hospital MOD APK

Dream Hospital with an uncomplicated simulation game will be suitable for all ages, even children in your home will love it. Moreover, Dream Hospital is a completely free game so you can easily experience on Android or iOS mobile devices. Here is the link to download Dream Hospital MOD APK or the original from the publisher for you.

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