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Draw Cartoons 2 PRO- Create Your Own Cartoons

Easily create simple cartoons right on your mobile with Draw Cartoons 2 PRO. This amazing app turns your Android smartphone into an amateur animation studio.


Cartoons are always an effective entertainment method for children. These movies seem to be made simple. But few people know how difficult it is to produce an animated film. To create a complete animated film, you need to have a massive team, including writers, artists, and musicians. All in all, the system is highly complex.

However, there is an application that can let you create a cartoon in your own style, which is Draw Cartoons 2. This application seems to be loved by many users because of its ease of use.

Overall, Draw Cartoons 2 is currently one of the most straightforward and fun tools for creating your own cartoon work. If you are smart enough, you can make quality products.

Overview of Draw Cartoons 2 PRO

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO has been out for quite a while. Currently, it has reached more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. The publisher continues to update this application to bring users more exciting features.

Recently, “ Draw Cartoons 2 PRO” has been newly designed with a smooth interactive user interface, providing a better working experience.

Besides, the tools are also constantly updated. These tools all come with specific instructions. They will help you create different main characters, and secondary characters and combine them to make a complete animation. Everything is done quickly on your Android mobile device or tablet.

The camera system has also been greatly improved, allowing you to use different perspectives to describe the story more deeply. A few minor bugs have also been fixed.

Draw Cartoons 2 also follows the general principle of creating cartoons: stitching together multiple still images to form a complete animated movie. You need to create items (with the available tools) and combine them on the same picture page, choose movements, and create picture frames. Finally, combine everything to create an animation.

Don’t have enough time to do everything from scratch? Do not worry! Draw Cartoons 2 PRO has templates available for you to modify to your liking.

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO-features

How Can Draw Cartoons 2 Help You?

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO provides you with a lot of useful tools to create a cartoon in your style. Let’s explore the outstanding features of this application with us right now.

Create Animation Using Intuitive Skeletal System

If you think that you need many different frames to create a complete animation, you are wrong! Instead, it is essential to create a frame with stable bones for each of your characters; and then create additional details for them.

In general, the skeleton mechanism makes it easier and faster to design character movements. It also allows you to create countless different connections for each skeleton. So, it is possible to make significant changes in the movement of each animation.

Through the preeminent interface available, you can monitor or edit the joints in the skeleton. In addition, it is easy to remove or adjust the skeleton.

Quick Detail With Advanced Drawing Tools

Creating a skeleton is not enough to create a great product. Therefore, it is essential to draw additional parts for each joint. Draw Cartoons 2 provides you with many utilities and functions needed to draw things as quickly as possible.

Drawing parts will be displayed through 2D animation. Therefore, you will easily optimize your creativity to create a complete character soon.

Besides, it is possible to separate each part from each other to directly color, overlay, and apply various tricks to make the character more alive. Therefore, your task is only to draw a simple part, and then the entire skeleton will handle all the movement with the parts drawn by you.

Comprehensive & Simple Skeletal Edits

After the characterization is complete, it is essential to build their movement frame by frame. You can do this entire process manually, and you will be guided in each different movement.

Draw Cartoons 2 PRO will also give you many advanced features to change the motion route, customize, design, and do anything that makes each action more interesting. Also, you can track your character’s movements to make even the most minor changes.

In short, this application allows you to do everything easier and smoother. As a result, you can be even more creative and flexible.

Huge Library of Animations and Templates

Don’t have time to design an individual animation? Do not worry! Draw Cartoons 2 PRO offers you many available resources. These include pre-built skeletal structures in motion & image. Furthermore, when you expand the library, you will find many different animations or characters. With valuable help, you can completely design a perfect character in your own style.

All of the available models and templates are the product of the user community of Draw Cartoons 2. Furthermore, they are provided for free.

Improve Precision With Various Layers

If you are not confident in your accuracy, the multi-layer function is for you. It is a perfect solution for you to apply individual settings without interfering with other details. Furthermore, you can manage all classes through an interface. From there, it is easy to arrange, install and delete those layers with just a few simple taps.

Add Vivid Sounds

Adding sound is the last critical step in creating your own animation. You can import external audio files directly or use available audio resources.

Export high quality video

Once all the frames are completed, you can review the video on the in-app player before exporting your project to a video. Draw Cartoons 2 PRO allows you to export videos in a variety of formats and qualities. Your videos can be saved at the highest quality 1080p 60fps.

MOD APK of Draw Cartoons 2 PRO

What’s in the PRO version?

The PRO version has unlocked advanced features not available on the standard version. Detail:

  • Unlimited minutes of exporting video
  • Library of items, effects, and characters (More than 500 items)
  • No ads
  • Combine multiple cartoons into one

MOD info

PRO unlocked

Bottom Lines

Overall, Draw Cartoons 2 is one of the best free cartoon creation apps available today. It is packed with advanced features that make it far superior to its predecessor. Therefore, it will help you create products with the best quality, including images and sounds.

Download Draw Cartoons 2 PRO MOD APK (Paid) 0.22.15

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