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Dragons are mythical creatures that often appear in ancient stories. If you want to experience the feeling of raising and training dragons as pets, then Dragon City is an attractive game for you to have a magical and interesting experience.

About Dragon City Mobile

When it comes to legendary games that attract many players, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, and Hay Day are our thinking. When it comes to dragon training games, gamers will immediately think of Dragon City. The game attracts players with its beautiful design and interesting gameplay.

You play an important role in creating the first dragons and building a special city with many dragon species. The game allows you to apply any training methods according to your preferences. The main aim is to breed your dragons in this magical world. Moreover, the game also has other attractive features that make you excited and want to explore more deeply.

Dragon City started out as a flash game on Facebook. If you played it about 10 years ago, we bet it’s good memories. There were millions of people who loved this game, there were times when it appeared everywhere on the Facebook newsfeed, in many discussions. At the end of 2014, the mobile version of Dragon City was officially released on mobile application markets, including Play Store and App Store. It is by far one of the most popular mobile games with more than 500 million global players.

The game created an endless loop of activities including breeding dragons, hatching eggs, training dragons, and fighting in the arena with other players’ dragons. The special thing that retains players is the variety in the collection of dragons. From there you can breed countless new types of dragons from two existing species. Let’s see what fun awaits you in this game.

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Key features of Dragon City

Becoming a dragon master is definitely a unique playing experience that you find in Dragon City. Besides, there are many interesting things waiting for you in this game. Here are its standout features.


At this magical floating island in the clouds, you’ll hatch dragon eggs to create dragons of all shapes and sizes. Not stopping there, you can manually raise, search for habitat, food and train them to become real dragon warriors. There are many species of dragons that need you to nurture. Therefore, the first thing you must know is the main types of dragons. Then, let build an ideal habitat with farms, buildings, defensive fences on the available floating islands. When you feed them enough, the dragon will grow with a special and cool appearance. Not only beautiful appearance but its power is also improved and upgraded. Also, cultivating and hatching this dragon helps you to expand your collection.

Besides, do not forget to bring the dragons you are training to compete in Dragon City’s PvP arenas. If you feel lonely, an alliance with Dragon Masters will help you increase your strength in resisting the destruction of other players. Moreover, you need to regularly update the events of the League and special events to receive special rewards. In addition, you need to try to get as many experience points as possible. To accumulate experience points, you can dig rocks, dig trees, build special houses or collect points from fruit houses. The more experience points, the faster you level up.

Various types of dragons

Dragon City offers players a variety of dragons based on different elements. Many elements affect the characteristics and appearance of dragons such as Earth, Leaf, Ice, Fire, Water, Electricity, Metal, Wind, etc. For example, a group of fire dragons with the ability to destroy things around them unconsciously. This group of dragons can adapt to the fire environment and help you to put out the fire very quickly. In contrast, the group of ice dragons helps to cool down everything around them quickly. In general, these elements will have incompatible rules. Thus, when you start hatching dragon eggs, you need to be careful.

Besides, you need to monitor the development of the dragon during the nurturing process. Different species will require different feeds and different environments. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the arrangement of the dragon’s growth order to earn more gold and experience points. Moreover, do not forget to combine different elements to create new dragons. The rarity of the dragon will be high the more time you spend hybridizing the dragon. Dragon’s rarity will be leveled from Common, Rare, Very Rare, Epic, Legendary, Heroic.

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Build a habitat for dragons

Each type of dragon will require a different habitat. For example, the earth and dark environment are suitable for Venom Dragon, the Flame Dragon only lives in the burning fire environment. Therefore, before building a project in Dragon City, you need to choose carefully. Flame, Sea, and Nature are the habitats you should build at first. Besides, if you want to increase the limit of dragons in each residence, upgrade these habitats.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to building food farms. This is an important source of food for dragons to grow. With enough food, your dragons can produce more gold over time. You are also allowed to upgrade these food farms. However, you can only upgrade a certain number of farms based on your current level.

Powerful Dragon Arena

Once your dragons have grown and gained strength, let them prove their strength in the dragon arena. This is where your dragon shows its power and majesty against other opponents. An honorable ranking will appear to honor the best dragon trainers. When participating in this arena, you have the opportunity to face high rarity dragons. To win and get ranked, you need to upgrade your dragon’s skills and strength. Moreover, before fighting, choose dragons that have countered the opponent’s dragon element.

Join the event and take attendance daily

If you want to create the perfect habitat and expand your dragon collection, it is essential to accumulate gold and gems. Every day, Dragon City will have an attendance table with valuable rewards for you to collect. In particular, if you reach the roll call date, you can unlock gems, valuable gifts, or even rare dragons.

Moreover, daily events also bring many valuable rewards for you to discover. The gifts coming from the event can be dragon crystals, gold, gems, or Legendary dragons with amazing power. Do not miss any event because it can be a valuable opportunity for you to show your strength and get more gold.

MOD APK of Dragon City 2

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Dragon City is the right choice for players who are passionate about training, especially training mysterious creatures like dragons. The game is free to download, so don’t wait, download it now and experience it.

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