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Nintendo ready to release Dr. Mario World for mobile

Today we will bring good news for those who love the legendary Mario series for many years. That’s what we got on the official Nintendo American site, which announced a new game aimed at smartphone gamers. Accordingly, the game company will bring a game of the Dr. series. New Mario for mobile platform named “Dr. Mario World ”


Recall a little about the Dr. game series. Mario, this is Nintendo’s famous game brand, is a puzzle game series first released in 1990. Exactly, this series is produced by Gunpei Yokoi and designed by Takahiro Harada. The task of the player in the game is to eliminate the virus by completing puzzles. Very likely Dr. Mario World will continue this gameplay mechanism of previous versions on the Console system and do very well like smartphone titles – a casual puzzle game designed to make players want to come back later to continue playing. . In addition, Nintendo also revealed that they do not develop this game independently, but will cooperate with another famous game company LINE to develop Dr. Mario World.


There’s more…

Nintendo has also recently released a number of mobile platform games like Super Mario Run and two RPG-type games but was not as successful as expected because they did not receive gamers’ popularity all over the world. gender. The reason why they failed with those products might be that Super Mario Run requires players to pay, to play the whole game, and two RPG games are too complicated for mobile gamers. So Dr. Mario World is a promising game of Litendo in the near future, which may mark the return of the series. Legendary Mario for many years. Please look forward to the next information about Dr. Mario World from us.

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