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Recently, the simulation game series is very popular all over the world thanks to the interesting and attractive gameplay, creating a great sense of entertainment for players. Therefore, game developers have also created many successes based on this trend. Among them is Electronic ARTS, a name that is no stranger to worldwide players. This developer is best known through the famous Plants and Zombies game. Not only that, but Electronic ARTS is also very famous for some other super products such as FIFA Football, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes or Real Racing 3. Looking over, we can easily see that these games are very popular. They are all carefully invested in both images, context, and content. So they have brought a lot of great success for the manufacturers.

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And not to disappoint gamers’ expectations, Electronic ARTS recently has released an additional super product called The Sims FreePlay. What is special about this product is, this will no longer be a role-playing game, action or strategy, but a very interesting simulation game. It will give players the opportunity to experience a new world with lots of new things waiting to be discovered. Whenever you are tired and bored, you can go to The Sims FreePlay because it will give you a great sense of relaxation. And below, ApkMazon will introduce you to the title of this game and how to download it to your mobile device.

the sims freeplay mod pointssimoleons moddroid 4

Introducing The Sims FreePlay game – A fascinating life simulation game

Familiar but very interesting simulation gameplay

Joining the game, you will become part of The Sims FreePlay community, a resident of the town. Here, you will live and participate in activities such a real life as working, studying, hanging out with friends, dating, … In order to help players get better acquainted, the game system will provide an overview of the video when you start playing to introduce the context and things you will have to do while playing.

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Create your own, personal life

Like other life simulation games, the first thing you need to do is create your own character. After entering the game for the first time, the system will let you choose the character, then customize the gender, skin color, clothes, … After the character is completed, the system will start creating tasks for you to perform. For the initial tasks, they will be quite simple and include detailed instructions to perform such as feeding your pet or buying a table and chair at home. A funny thing that many players wonder is that The Sims FreePlay character doesn’t work but still has money to buy, so where does that money come from? In fact, after completing the assigned tasks, you will receive a certain amount to pay for these fees.

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When starting the game, you will have to complete some tasks before your character gets a job or creates another relationship. The Sims FreePlay game also has system levels for character development. You will be able to level up after completing some assigned tasks, or even unlocking other special characters. Each character will have different stories, personalities and responsibility for building different buildings for the town. Imagine every character is a person in real life, no one will be like anyone. The Sims FreePlay game will give you 34 different styles and 54 levels for characters to grow.

Enjoy the life in The Sims FreePlay

Like many other life simulation games, The Sims FreePlay also allows players to garden, plant trees and harvest fruit and then sell for money. Players can buy seeds at the grocery store and bring them to plant, take care and harvest after a short time. By selling agricultural products, you not only earn money but also gain experience points for level up. The more you level up, the more opportunities you will have to interact with more special jobs and activities. In addition, you can also build resorts, enjoy beauty services or design a dream home by yourself.

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Wonderful 3D graphics

No one can deny that modern graphics are an integral part of any simulation game if it wants to make a mark on the player. And The Sims FreePlay game, too, it is invested very carefully with beautiful 3D graphics, bringing realistic feelings to players. All details from landscape to character creation are very eye-catching. Moreover, the sound system, background music is very light, witty, suitable for the game context. In general, graphics and sound are two strong points of The Sims FreePlay game.

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Download The Sims FreePlay MOD APK for iOS, Android

It can be affirmed that The Sims FreePlay’s gameplay and graphics can satisfy any player no matter how hard they are. More specifically, this is a completely free game. So, you can’t help but click on the link below to download The Sims FreePlay right away. We will also send you a version of The Sims FreePlay MOD APK, which provides you with such great features as Infinite Lifestyle Points, Infinite Social Points, Infinite Simoleons, and AdFree.

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