Download Stickman Parkour Platform MOD Apk v3.21 for Android, iOS

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Stickman Parkour Platform 2


  • Publisher: Gabriel Limberger
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 35M
  • Latest Version: 3.21
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: April 9, 2019

Stickman action games are always popular as they are fun and non-trivial. Recently, a new title for Stickman was released as Stickman Parkour Platform, a game different from other games of the same genre. This new Stickman Parkour Platform game was released on December 27th on two free app stores, Google Play and AppStore. This game is more specific than the other Stickman games that are inspired by the Parkour adventure game.

Stickman Parkour Platform 1

Stickman Parkour Platform – Action Game Parkour style

Action gameplay

Participating in the Stickman Parkour Platform, players will be able to control a stickman character and start engaging in exciting levels of the game. In other game of the same game genre, the player will fight back their enemies to become the winner. But in Stickman Parkour Platform players have to overcome the challenges, obstacles to pass the game. In each stage of the game, players will face a lot of pitfalls, players have to take advantage of the skill to overcome. The game will split into multiple levels with different challenging levels for players to challenge.

Stickman Parkour Platform 2

The game is very simple, on the screen will appear virtual navigation for players to move the character. You just have to make some basic operation are to lie down and jump up to choose the right situation. Players need to take advantage of these skills to overcome the obstacles and pitfalls in the game.

Stickman Parkour Platform 3

Download Stickman Parkour Platform MOD Apk for Android, iOS

In general, the Stickman Parkour Platform is quite attractive with a different gameplay than any other Stickman game, giving you a completely new experience. If you can not overcome the difficult game, you can choose the version of Stickman Parkour Platform Mod Apk to play the game in an easier way. You can choose your version via the link below for free.

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