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Download Samurai Shodown Mobile APK 1

If you are a big fan of the action game of antagonism for many years, you must be very well-known  Samurai Shodown, SNK’s popular fighting game many years ago. This game was released in 1993 by SNK for console and received a lot of popularity of players around the world. After that, many subsequent versions of Samurai Shodown were later released as a well-known game brand. There is also some Samurai Shodown version for mobile, but they all have some pretty new gameplay that may not get attention from the player. Recently, SNK has successfully developed the official version of Samurai Shodown in 1993 to Mobile which uses the truest gameplay of the first version.

Download Samurai Shodown Mobile APK 1

Samurai Shodown Mobile – New action game

Familiar gameplay

As mentioned above, the Samurai Shodown Mobile game was developed based on the original Samurai Shodown game that SNK released its first version of the console in 1993. This is an action game which allows players to engage in dramatic matches. And the game is divided into several different levels for players to choose from. This version of Samurai Shodown Mobile will reproduce the original in the most honest way, giving players the experience of familiar years ago.

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The gameplay of the mobile game Samurai Shodown is quite simple, the player’s task is to use the skills of each character to create some beautiful combo and make the greatest damage to the opponent to become the winner. In the current version Samurai Shodown mobile, it also has the similar system: PvP and PvE features which are quite familiar with the Chinese role-playing game.

This product, however, is not the same as the two-time match-fixing game of the same time, set in the late 18th century Japanese feudalism with soldiers using different weapons to fight. The game is characterized by an impressive Samurai system with the unique character set. Also with the appearance of traditional Japanese music like shakuhachi and shamisen are also highlights in the game Samurai Shodown mobile.

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Graphics are upgraded

In the first version of Samurai Shodown, graphics were not a strong point in the game, but this version of Samurai Shodown Mobile graphics to impress the player. The game is equipped with 3D graphics are extremely beautiful and true, giving players the feeling of the smooth and true experience. In general, the graphics of Samurai Shodown Mobile game is quite high.

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Download Samurai Shodown Mobile APK for Android, iOS

In general, the Samurai Shodown Mobile game has replayed the original version in the most realistic way, but the game will also have some new features for players to experience the game does not feel boring. Currently, the game has not been released the official version, but you can still try to play through the download link from the APK file below. ApkMod will update the latest news as well as the fastest download link for you to experience it.

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