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Ramboat 2 Soldier Shooting Game 1


  • Publisher: Genera Games
  • Platforms: Android 5.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 84M
  • Latest Version: 1.0.64
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: March 2, 2019

There are probably a lot of gamers who are very well-known with the Rambo game that has been extremely famous around the world. This game used to be a big trend many years ago. But in recent years, this game is losing its attractiveness. There is no upgraded version to serve players. In recent times, a Rambo-inspired game has been released with the name Ramboat and has received a lot of attention from players. Most recently, this game has released a second version called Ramboat 2 – Soldier Shooting Game.

Ramboat 2 Soldier Shooting Game 1

Ramboat 2 – Soldier Shooting Game was released on February 14 by the famous publisher Genera Games, a relatively well-known publisher of simple games. The current game is available for two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS, for free through the Google Play and AppStore. The game was developed in a familiar style as its predecessor, but will be equipped with a lot of new and interesting features.

Ramboat 2 – The metal soldier shooting game

The content of the game

The game Ramboat 2 APK MOD – Soldier Shooting Game takes players to a virtual world where a war is taking place. In this game, the player will show up himself as a brave and powerful hero. The player controls his character and defeats the Coronel and army to win. Players will be immersed in fierce, continuous and fast gun battles. You will not only need to attack the opponent but also let the character escape quickly in the emergency situation can not fight. So this is an interesting game where you need to run continuously and take the fight.

Ramboat 2 Soldier Shooting Game 2

Interesting gameplay

Join the game and you will control a warrior to start fierce battles. Game Ramboat 2 – Soldier Shooting Game brings you a lot of different attractive game modes so players choose the experience without being boring. The basic mode is ARCADE for you to complete various difficult tasks to get familiar with the game, there will be hundreds of missions with different levels for you to choose the experience. If you want to compare or combine with friends, you can choose the Multiplayer mode, where you fight with your friends, the joy will be doubled to destroy more enemies. Finally, the ELITE MODE mode, the professional mode that everyone participating in the game love it. In this mode, you have to optimize the power of your character to take the great opportunity to win.

Ramboat 2 Soldier Shooting Game 3

At the start the game, you do not have to choose the character, your task will be to develop character and equip him with the most powerful weapons possible. Ramboat 2 – Soldier Shooting Game brings you a huge variety of weapons, so you can choose your character with the most advanced weapons available to fight an army. But your opponent in the game is not less, there will be soldiers, paratroopers, missile launchers and submarines, … You must have the best equipment to be able to control the enemy.

You will control your character running, jumping and scrolling fast to dodge enemy attacks, while you will constantly shoot or bomb the opponent to defeat them. You will need to help your character destroy the enemy camps and defeat the boss to complete the mission.

Ramboat 2 Soldier Shooting Game 4

Download Ramboat 2 MOD APK

The game is developed with extremely attractive gameplay, accompanied by light 2D graphics with image quality display is quite sharp and eye-catching. Surely the Ramboat 2 – Soldier Shooting Game will bring you the best entertainment moments. You may be addicted to the game Ramboat 2 – Soldier Shooting Game. Finally, you can download the game Ramboat 2 MOD APK – Soldier Shooting Game on your device via the link below completely free to experience it.

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