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One Piece is one of the most world’s famous Japan manga. This anime has been transformed so many times into movies, PC games, mobile games and even so much more products. Most recently, a super hot and interesting game with this theme has been developed by Bandai Namco and created a big trend in the world. This game is One Piece: Burning Wishes and its beta version of ChinaJoy was released and now it has been receiving so much great attention from the gaming community around the world.

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One Piece: Burning Wishes is a popular sequel to Namco Bandai. The game is now complete and is in the process of preparing to release. The game is expected to be released in March and supports the two most popular app stores, Google Play for Android and AppStore for iOS. To get involved in this great RPG game, check out the review below, which will help you better understand this game. In addition, ApkMod will guide you how to download games on your device to experience.

One Piece: Burning Wishes – Bandai Namco’s new role-playing game

The familiar and attractive content

As mentioned above, the game One Piece: Burning Wishes is based on the famous Japanese comic book with the same name One Piece. This manga series is one of the best manga ever been published with the biggest number of fan in the world. It is said that One Piece is a series that is known by everyone all over the world. Moreover, the animated film One Piece is also outstanding too. The content of this series is about the journey to become the pirate king of Monkey D Luffy and his friends. Luffy once devoured the devil fruit and became a rubber man. He has the ability to stretch very strangely, however, it made him unable to swim and encounter many difficulties on the sea. Luffy’s pirate team is the Straw Hats with lots of nice people and friends. Luffy wants to become a pirate king and find out the huge treasure that his father left. However, Luffy and his friends continuously confronted with so many difficulties and challenges, which are other pirates and especially the navy of the government. Join the game you will be role playing a member of the Straw Hats to realize together the dream.

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Interesting gameplay

One Piece: Burning Wishes is a new role-playing game that is totally distinct from other role-playing games. You will not control the characters involved in the battle to win as usual, but simply attack the enemies that appear before you. In this special game, you will not need to win all the battles. Besides, you will take control of the characters along the storyline of the game, a hardship journey to become the pirate king. You will face other pirate gangs or government’s navy teams.

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Character system

About the character system, One Piece: Burning Wishes will focus most of the main characters who have appeared in the manga or film One Piece. You will meet the celebrities in the Straw Hat Pirates like Monkey D Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Tony Tony Chopper,… These characters will be shaped just like the original of the comic book. More exactly, they look like the same as those in the cartoon One Piece. Especially the fighting skills and character of the characters remain the same as the original.

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Excellent graphics

One Piece: Burning Wishes is based on an excellent 3D graphics. However, the picture quality in the game is only average, not as prominent as other 3D games today. Not only did the game take on the character of the movie, but the scenes and spaces in the game are also taken from the original version of manga and anime. Overall, the graphics of One Piece: Burning Wishes are not so prominent but still be a highlight of the game.

Download One Piece: Burning Wishes APK MOD for Android, iOS

Here we can see that the game One Piece: Burning Wishes is very interesting. When it comes to this game, you can experience a brand new role-playing game with a completely new feeling. Moreover, under the release of Bandai Namco, surely One Piece: Burning Wishes will be popular and get famous in the coming future. However, at the current, you can only pre-register the game through the link below, while the download link ApkMod will update as soon as possible.

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