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Let Them Come is a highly addictive action-shooting game developed by Tuatara Game in 2016. This game is based on the famous TV series of the same name. This game is released for PlayStation 4 devices, so many gamers are looking forward to the upcoming Let Them Come game developed mobile version. And recently the Tuatara Game has produced a successful version of Let Them Come and released Versus Evil.

Let Them Come 1

The game Let Them Come is an official release on January 8th. At the moment, this game is only released on the AppStore for iOS devices, and those who use iOS devices will have to wait a little longer to experience it. In this mobile version, the game will continue to bring familiar shooting action game as the original with the new features to experience the player is not boring.

Review Let Them Come – A mobile version released by Versus Evil

The content of the game

This is a science fiction game with a vast virtual world opened to welcome you. The game will take you to a virtual world, where there is the appearance of strange creatures, maybe aliens. To survive in this world, you have to fight with strange creatures or aliens, a solution for you that is to choose the heavyweights, weapons to destroy them. The game is more defensive than offensive, so you’ll do everything to protect your life as a survival game. You just stay in a position and choose the solution to kill the strange creature only.

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The gameplay is quite simple

Unlike other action shooter games, players will find enemies or monsters to destroy, and you’ll have to find a way to cover up the attack of aliens. Specifically, you will be given the task of protecting the fortress, in a certain position and choosing the heavy weapons to destroy the targets appear. In order to attack creatures and outsiders, you just need to adjust heavy weapons in the correct direction to fire sparks and lightning to defeat those targets. You will experience each level of difficulty with different levels of difficulty, you will be faced with hundreds of difficult challenges.

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These creatures will constantly appear, possibly on the ceiling, possibly on the floor and in every room in the room. You need to control your weapon in the most standard way possible to hit them. After each game, the weapon, your machine may be damaged or the failure cannot reach the maximum power. Therefore, you need to repair and upgrade it to each level. Most of the other games allow you to upgrade characters throughout the experience, but Let Them Come gives players the experience they need to survive until they lose money. You have accumulated before. You will upgrade your weapon, your machine by killing aliens.

In the process of experiencing a lot of bizarre creatures that can not be defeated by ordinary bullets from your weapon, they can only die by special ammunition such as flames, armor, explosives, and similar things. However, the purchase of these things is quite difficult. The important thing in the game is the economic development, the game allows you to free your economic development. Making money is hard, but buying special ammunition is not easy.

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Many times when you experience the game will run out of money and you will die because you can not defeat the monster with a conventional attack, so the economic development through the purchase of ammunition in the game is quite bad. Another disadvantage of the economy is that you can not repair your weapons and machines when they are damaged and you are no longer eligible. Especially when you are confronted with the terrible BOSS, it is very difficult to destroy them, it seems that only the creator of the game can win them.

Download Let Them Come Mobile MOD Apk for Android, iOS

This game Let Them Come is focused on thriving on the play so the graphics are not appreciated. Let Them Come is equipped with classic 2D graphics. However, the game still catches the attention of the gaming community, and the game quickly gets the attention of players within a few days. You can download the game via the link below to experience it.

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