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  • Publisher: 10tons Ltd
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 34Mb, 220MB
  • Latest Version:
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  • Date Updated: January 23, 2019

You have probably known JYDGE, a very interesting shooting action game which has been popular all over the world. This game is developed by 10tons and released for some console devices like PlayStation 4, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Converter. The good news for those who love JYDGE game is that 10tons recently released the mobile version of this game JYDGE so that players can experience it easily.


Specifically, JYDGE game was developed by 10tons not long ago and released officially on January 17 recently. At present, JYDGE games are only available for iOS devices on the AppStore. It will probably be released for Android in a short time after. This JYDGE game is based on the original game and have some feature changed to fit the mobile device and create new points for the game. In the article below, ApkMod will introduce you the most prominent features of this game JYDGE along with how to download games on your device.

Review JYDGE – Mobile version is 10tons released

Familiar themes

As mentioned above, this JYDGE game was developed based on the siblings of the same name from the same creator 10tons. The first JYDGE was released in October 2017 and it received a lot of participation from the players so the manufacturer decided to release the JYDGE version for mobile. This is a shooter action game with the view from the top down.


The JYDGE game scene takes place in the hustle and bustle of Edenbyrg, where it is rattled by the arrival of criminals who kidnap and conduct many crimes throughout the city. JYDGE, the law enforcer in this city, will be the one who stands up to deal with things like rescuing hostages and destroying them. Participating in the game, the player will be immersed into JYDGE and carry out the mission to rescue his city. Is there any peace left or whether the criminals will be punished? It all depends on you!


Interesting gameplay

Joining the game, you will control JYDGE to participate in the game with a certain task. You will need to equip your character, go to the level and kill all enemies to save the hostage. You must do everything to save the hostage and protect the life of the character JYDGE. You will use heavy guns to bombard the walls, find the enemies and hostages that need to be rescued. The game will be divided into several levels with different missions and different difficulty levels, so your only job is to complete the assigned tasks and pass all of the levels.


After each level, you will receive a certain bonus, depending on the task or difficulty of the level. You need to collect as much money as possible, it will be very beneficial for you. At the end of a game, you can upgrade your JYDGE character or equip new item with more powerful weapons and of course you will use the bonus money. The game will also provide you with a very diverse weapon system with different strengths, so you can select them with the money you have.

Graphics and sound

The game JYDGE is equipped with a great 3D graphics that is extremely beautiful and not worse than the original version on the console. All the images in the game are made up with high quality, the sharp display based on the game’s bright colors. The game creates light effects in the game scene and emanates from the weapons for the game to be much more lively. Moreover, the soundtrack system and sound effects are well integrated, giving you the ultimate experience

Download JYDGE APK

Overall, this mobile version of JYDGE Apk was developed almost identically to the first version for console devices. Due to the large number of players in the past, JYDGE mobile has quickly gained the attention of players and the number of downloads in the app stores has increased dramatically. You can download this JYDGE game on your device below to experience it

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