Helix Jump MOD Apk v2.4.1 by Voodoo (Big Score) - Download for Android

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  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 46M
  • Latest Version: 2.4.1
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: March 15, 2019

To get more fun experience and simplicity of mobile games, ApkMod will introduce you to a Voodoo game called Helix Jump MOD Apk . The game Helix Jump was released in the last February and supports two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS. The most special feature of the Voodoo games is that it’s a simple addictive game, with minimalist fit for most smartphones. And the game Helix Jump is also a very simple but extremely addictive game. Its gameplay is very interesting with impressive capacity of the only 90.3MB. Here, ApkMod will evaluate the most prominent features of Helix Jump along with how to download games on your device.

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Review Helix Jump – New maze game from Voodoo

Addictive gameplay

Still having the familiar style, Helix Jump MOD Apk  will allow players to participate in extremely simple but addictive gameplay. One more familiar thing is that everyone knows when playing the game of Voodoo is the adventure of the little ball. In Helix Jump, the player will control a moving balloon in a twisted maze. This will be a new and exciting game, giving you the most amazing entertainment moment. Players will experience the game on many levels with different levels of difficulty, and the difficulty of the game will increase gradually over time.

Helix Jump 3

On the screen, it will appear a maze of twisted tower shape as the picture below, the task of players when participating in the game is to move the ball over the color obstacles. The ball will change its color according to the color of the maze. Players need to overcome the color barrier through the small gap. The levels of the twisting tower will rotate continuously and players need to use it to pass the ball through the small slot. Difficulty of the game will increase as the color changes and unpredictable changes in rotation speed of the twisting tower is also faster so players will be difficult to control the ball in his own way.

Helix Jump 2

Player’s review

“Great game, very addictive but also having too many ads”

“No pause screen. It’s a good mindless game, for a while … When you get to level 21 it will not work anymore.”

“I see a lot of people say after a certain level of app crashes … Well I can not even launch the app … Apparently yall do not have good app testing people.”

Hole.io APK

According to these reviews, we can see that most of the players are favorably enjoying the new Voodoo’s Helix Jump game. However, there are some players who feel uncomfortable because of the denseness of the ads while playing games. In order to stop these ads, you just need to disconnect the wifi or 3G, 4G on your devices. In this way, it will give players the best experience without feeling uncomfortable.

Helix Jump Apk V1.0.7 by Voodoo

In general, the Voodoo’s Helix Jump MOD Apk game is still featured with addictive gameplay and an eye-catching graphics but still annoying players because of the ads. It seems that recently Voodoo has continuously released their products but they are not really all highly appreciated. However, Helix Jump MOD Apk is still a very fun game that you should try, you can download the game on your device through the link below completely free to experience it!

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