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Grimms Notes is an extremely addictive role-playing game with the RPG developed by two well-known game developers, Flero Games, and the big guy in the game market – Square Enix. The game Grimms Notes was released not long ago firstly in Japan and has received a lot of attention from gamers around the world. Recognizing the great impact of this game on the international market and to serve the demands of players, Square Enix has released the international version of Grimms Notes on two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS completely free.

Grimms Notes 1

Square Enix’s new Grimms Notes game was released in late February and now it is available on two of today’s most popular app stores, Google Play and AppStore. The game was developed with the attractive ARPG gameplay that is currently very popular. Below, ApkMod will introduce you to the latest features of Grimms Notes game and how to download games to your device.

Grimms Notes – Square Enix’s ARPG released worldwide

The interesting plot of the game

In the story, the game is given the story of the ancient Grimms, the game will take players into the mythical fairy world which is quite similar to the game Odin Sphere that was popular many years ago. In the game, there will be the appearance of powerful warriors and fierce monsters. When you participate in the game, you will take the role as a warrior and begin the journey to experience and overcome the difficult challenges.

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Interesting gameplay

As a horizontal role-playing game, Grimms Notes will allow you to control a certain character and command other characters at the same time to fight against aggressive monsters. The gameplay of Grimms Notes is extremely simple, with a swipe mechanism, touch screen, and most characters will automatically fight, players will only need to choose the time to use the special skills when the power bar is full. Your only task will be to optimize the damage.

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More specifically, Grimms Notes impresses gamers with the Soul System which is really like the occupation system in other role-playing games. In the game’s battle, players can equip any two souls and swap them dynamically to be able to provide the right fighting style for the characters.

In terms of character development, you can also upgrade the skills or change its equipment, weapons to improve the strength of your character. You need to develop your character relentlessly because you will continuously face up to powerful enemies along with monsters which are very hard to kill. Use the special attack skills of the character to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible.

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Impressive graphics

In addition to the attractive ARPG gameplay, the game also impresses players through their excellent graphics. The game features 3D graphics with state-of-the-art imaging technology. Especially the characters in the game are created in the anime style that is extremely beautiful. In addition to the effects in the game are carefully scrutinized, promising to bring satisfied experience for gamers.

Download Grimms APK MOD nV1.1.2 for Android, iOS

Generally, Grimms Notes game with attractive graphics and impressive graphics can be said as a top-notch game that worths a try from the player in the coming time. Moreover, with Square Enix’s reputation, Grimms Notes will soonly get more and more players’ attention. You can download the original Grimms Notes game or the Grimms Notes APK MOD via the link below for free to experience it!

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