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Glitch Dash is a new entertainment game released on February 21st by the publisher David Marquardt AB. The game has been released on Android and iOS mobile platforms completely free with a capacity of 169.9MB. This is an exciting endless runner game that will definitely give you a new and exciting experience. In the article below, ApkMod will introduce you the most outstanding features of this game along with how to download games on your device.

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Review Glitch Dash – Reflex Challenge Game

Simple yet addictive gameplay

Glitch Dash game is developed in the style of Adventure Endless Runner that is extremely interesting. The game takes the player to a virtual 3D space that gives the player the most impressive look. Involved in the game, players will control and move in cyberspace and overcome obstacles and traps to move forward. There will be many obstacles appearing, they not only lie still but also move unexpectedly that you can not anticipate. There are also laser beams that will suddenly make the player have to have good reflexes.

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The most important factor in term of gameplay of this Glitch Dash is that it reflects and decodes the eye. Obstacles and traps will appear very unexpectedly, they are constantly moving so players need to be able to reflex new bar so that can overcome them. The difficulty of the game is constantly increasing as obstacles move faster and the pace is accelerated, requiring more skill and reflexes.

Control mode: Players only touch the screen and move in the direction of the obstacle so that they do not collide. Players can only move in 4 ways: left, right, jump and bend down to overcome the pitfalls. Generally speaking, the controls are quite simple and anyone can play this game.

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Impressive graphics

Although it is just a simple game with simple details, the game Glitch Dash is still equipped with a very sharp 3D graphics. The details in the game are made up of bright colors that are very prominent, making players feel excited from the first experience. In addition, when the game experience, players also see a lot of visual effects appear very virtual. Overall, Glitch Dash is well-financed in terms of graphics, giving players the ultimate gaming experience.

Glitch Dash 4

Download Glitch Dash MOD Apk for Android, iOS

Overall, this Glitch Dash game is very exciting. It will definitely give you a completely new feeling. And this will be a game for those who have good reflexes, are you sure about your reflexes? Experience the game Glitch Dash to find out. You can download the Glitch Dash game on your device via the link below to experience it.

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