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Evoland is a thrilling role-playing game that was produced by Shiro Games many years ago. This game has been known as one of the most popular and oldest RPG. This is a game for PC and Console devices. Realizing the great success of the first version, Shiro Games decided to release the second version of the game Evoland. As expected, this game quickly gained the attention of players all over the world. The good news for those who love the title game Evoland 2 is that the game’s publisher Playdigious has now brought this game to mobile.

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The Evoland 2, which was released in late February, is currently only available for AppStore stores for iOS devices for $ 6.99. Maybe the Evoland 2 will be released for Android in the near future. The game is identical to the original version of Evoland 2 on a PC with a lot of exciting new features. Here ApkMod will introduce you to the best highlights of Evoland 2 and also how to download games on your device.

Review Evoland 2 – Mobile version is finally released

The mobile version of Evoland 2 hit

As mentioned above, the Evoland 2 is an extremely popular role-playing game in the world. To talk about the Evoland 2, it was produced by Shiro Games and released its first PC version in 2015. After four months the game was released on OS X. Evoland 2 was released based on the first Evoland version and was refreshed in the playing time with the new character, new boss and monster, new play style, and also a new card minigame. Players will take the role of a protagonist named Kuro and begin the journey of adventure around the world. Kuro makes friends with a girl named Fina and the two together travel and meets different characters change the fate of people around the world.

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The plot of the game

Getting involved in the game, the player will be immersed in the boy Kuro and adventure around the world, through the past and future with his friend Fina. The story takes place in a war between the empires and Demons of Demonia. You will control your character through time to the past or to the future to perform the assigned tasks.

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of Evoland 2 is quite simple, you will control your character Kuro to complete the tasks assigned. On the journey to complete the task, you will face up to many difficulties, pitfalls, challenges along with the dangerous enemies. You will control the character to move and use weapons to attack to defeat all enemies to complete the assigned task. Go to many places in the world to discover and conquer new challenges. At each location, there will be new challenges and new missions waiting for you to discover and complete. The gameplay mode is quite diverse, you can choose the adventure mode to kill monsters; fighting against other enemies; extra turn game; Fight with Boss, … and many other interesting modes.

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Game control is quite simple because the game has a lot of different game modes so each mode will have its own controls. All moves, attacks or jumps, lying down, etc. are all done by the operation on the touchscreen. Generally speaking, the controls are quite varied but simple that anyone can play.

Combined graphics

The game Evoland 2 was developed quite interesting, it combines the two popular graphics today is the classic 2D and modern 3D. In each situation, the place or mode of play will be created with its own graphics. The adventure mode is developed in both 2D and 3D graphics, while the antagonism mode will be made in the modern 3D graphics as the other popular game of resistance today as Shadow Fight.

Evoland 2 APK

We can see that the game Evoland 2 is extremely interesting with a variety of gameplay with both sophisticated graphics, both ancient and modern 3D. Evoland 2 will definitely be a hot favorite in the coming time. You can download the game Evoland 2 on your device via the link below to experience it.

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