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If you know the game GetAmped, surely you can not forget a role-playing game that is extremely attractive to PC many years ago. This game was released by CyberStep, a well-known manufacturer from Japan and support for computer platforms. The fun news for those who love the game GetAmped is CyberStep is preparing to release a role-playing game development style is very similar to GetAmped called Breakers: Dawn of Heroes.

Breakers Dawn of Heroes 1

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is a mobile action role-playing game. The game has now been finalized and ready for release in the near future. It is expected that the game will be released on two mobile platforms are Android and iOS completely free. Game Breakers: Dawn of Heroes will develop the gameplay style and style quite similar to his brother GetAmped, however, the game will be equipped with many new and attractive features to create attraction with players. Global.

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes – New roleplaying game of 2018

Interesting gameplay

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is an exciting mobile multiplayer game in which you absolutely can not auto. All your character’s combat activities must be implemented by yourself. Breakers: Dawn of Heroes can be played in single or co-op mode with up to 3 members to fight through difficult doors. Of course, as a massively multiplayer fighting game, the game also has a very interesting PvP feature that allows players to play in either a rank or Team Deathmatch mode if they want to show off their skills to other players. in 1vs1 mode.

Breakers Dawn of Heroes 2

The most interesting and unique feature of Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is in the game’s combat mechanics. You absolutely can not auto, character movement, how the fight will depend on the manipulation of your fingers on the touch screen of the phone.

Swiping the screen in different directions will bring a different action to the character, tap or claw when using one or two fingers also bring different effects. Therefore, to create a combo chain, you will have to concentrate on your own, doing touching moves across the screen … Breakers: Dawn of Heroes will definitely give you a war experience. Fighting on mobile is very interesting.

Breakers Dawn of Heroes 3

Images and sounds

Breakers: Dawn of Heroes was developed based on 3D graphics extremely eye-catching and sharp. In particular, the game was developed in Japanese Anime style is extremely cute with the character system is eye-catching. During the experience, you will see the visual effects are created very miraculous. Along with this interesting feature, the soundtrack system and integrated sound effects for the game are much more alive than other game of the same genre.

Breakers Dawn of Heroes 4

Download Breakers: Dawn of Heroes MOD Apk for Android, iOS

In general, the game Breakers: Dawn of Heroes is quite similar to the GetAmped version of the PC, but is equipped with a lot of new and unique points. ApkMod will update the latest Breakers game news: Dawn of Heroes as well as download game as soon as possible. Please wait for it in a few days!

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