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I think that we are all the big fan of Voodoo, the studio which is famous for its simple but addictive game. Voodoo has released its products very slowly, but any game released is very well known in the world. However, in recent times, Voodoo has repeatedly released a large number of new games. And of course, the quality of these games will not be the same as the previous ones and somehow will make the player very aggressive. Voodoo has realized this fact and decided to develop games mỏe slowly with more quality games. Most recently, Voodoo released Ball Shoot!

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Ball Shoot! from Voodoo was released on January 30 recently. Normally, the Voodoo game is released for iOS before and released for Android at a later time, but Ball Shoot! was released for both platforms at the same time. Ball Shoot! will still be a leisure game with simple addictive style. Is Ball Shoot! can be successful? Let’s take a look at the review below.

Review Ball Shoot! – Voodoo’s New 2018 Game

Interesting gameplay

As you all know, most of the Voodoo games have the appearance of colorful balls, and this time the game Ball Shoot! will also take you to the experience with the small ball. The game is very simple, players just need to shoot the balls of the same color to break these balls. When three balls of the same color touch, they will disappear. You have to make sure that the ball does not move into the hole, even if it is just one ball. During the game, if you break multiple balls at the same time, you will receive a combo and get special balls. This SPECIAL ball can break huge balls in that ball.

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You will experience in unlimited time until you let a ball move down and fall into the hole then the game will end with the score you achieved. Break a ball, you will receive a corresponding point, and with the comic series, the score will be added a lot. As the game progresses, the balloons will move faster and faster and you will not be able to break them without a calculation. So your only mission when playing Ball Shoot! This is the game with the highest score possible.

How to play the game

To control the balls is very simple, you will have two ways to shoot the ball that is pulling to appear angular beam, move the beam to the position to shoot and release the hand to shoot; The second quicker way is to simply touch the target and the ball will automatically fire to the right spot. This is a very simple game that anyone can play.

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Download Ball Shoot! MOD Apk (Voodoo) V1.0 for Android, iOS

In addition to impressing players through the fun game Ball Shoot! There are colorful 2D graphics that are very eye-catching, the balls are made up of different colors. Overall, the game is fun, does not require the player’s skills, bring you the best entertainment minutes. You can download the game Ball Shoot! Original or Ball Shoot! MOD Apk in the free below to experience it.

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