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It seems like survival games such as Fortnite Mobile or PUBG Mobile recently made other games are not as popular as before. But on March 27th, a very exciting adventure game was released and it is being known by players around the world with the name Candleman.

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Game Candleman was developed and released by CMGE Group, a well-known manufacturer in the mobile gaming market. The game is released on two of the most popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS, for $ 2.99. If you wonder about $ 2.99 for an adventure game is too expensive then you refer to the Candleman game reviews below you will understand. In addition, ApkMod will direct you to download Candleman games for your device to experience.

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Attractive background

Game Candleman takes you to a large cave, where the darkness covers the whole scene, creating a mysterious scene filled with mystery. Not only the scenes here are mysterious, but even the objects arranged in this place are also bizarre, causing you to tremble. Incessant in it is a candle with light enough to illuminate a small space. You will control the candle that moves over the traps. Let’s face the pitfalls, overcome the fear to become the winning player.

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Adventurous puzzle game

Game Candleman is developed adventure game through the puzzle, trapping set to conquer players. Feel the darkness, the faint light of the candle and step forward, experiencing mysterious lands. In this dark world, your candle has only 10 seconds to light, in 10 seconds you will have to find the answer to overcome the pitfalls posed in the game. There will be many challenges, pitfalls posed to challenge you and you can not overcome them without using your intelligence.

Candleman 3

Each time you pass the trap is one time you walk through your own fear, where the darkness envelops the space. But you must quickly think of ways to overcome the challenge, otherwise you will forever trapped in this dark world. Watching things around you, even seemingly innocent things, can also make you more difficult and seemingly useless ones that can help you overcome challenges.

Candleman 4

Nice graphics and sound

For the sake of darkness in the game Candleman is best, the manufacturer has equipped the game with a high-quality 3D graphics. The image in the game appears in a sharp and vibrant way, feeling like you are lost in a magical world somehow. Thanks to the virtual lighting effects created on the background of dark colors, bring the mystical beauty. Along with that is the background music system with sound effects are integrated as horror games, extremely vivid.

Download Candleman MOD APK (IPA) for Android, iOS

Here we can see that Candleman is really a great game and you will not be charged $ 2.99 for buying this game on your device. If you are confident that you are a smart person, join Candleman to overcome the puzzles in the game. You can download the Candleman game from the link below to experience it.

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