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You may be very well-known with Gumi, the famous game publisher from Japan has been successful with many titles such as THE ALCHEMIST CODE, Brave Frontier, THE ALCHEMIST CODE Wallpaper … And recently, The producer continues to release a new role-playing game is extremely attractive called Dolls Order.

Dolls order apk 1

New Game Dolls Order was released last March and support for both Android and iOS mobile platforms is free. The game is currently only available in the Japanese version, and the international version has not been revealed yet. Dolls Order is a game in the genre of role-playing, the gameplay is quite new, so games are popular with many gamers. Just after the launch, Dolls Order quickly attracted the attention of gamers around the world thanks to its dramatic play. Download the game, learn the attractions of Dolls Order in the reviews below, ApkMod will guide you how to download games.

Review Dolls Order – Gumi’s new role-playing game

Plot of the game

The Dolls Order MOD APK brings you to a fantasy world, where peace and beauty are present but is now very poor by disease, environmental damage. More than that, the entire world is at risk of extinction. Arthur, a crazy guy with special powers who have ruled and ruled people, anyone must fear him. So heroes appear to fight with Arthur’s armies, using magical spells to drive them away, bring peace to the world. You will be one of those heroes and bring in the mission of saving the world.

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Special gameplay

Game Dolls Order is a fast-paced action-RPG. You will be stepping into fierce battles to bring victory, bringing hope to the earth at risk of extinction. There are two basic game modes, PvE and PvP, for you to choose from. In PvE mode you will be accompanied by characters who experience deep storyline in the game, completing the assigned tasks to receive rewards for character development. With real-time PvP, you’ll be in dramatic team battles. The special feature in PvP is that the game takes place very fast, which requires a lot of skill and tactics from you.

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Character system

Game Dolls Order build a character system is quite diverse, most of them are beautiful girls, their common point is that they are extremely eye-catching. Each character in the game owns the fighting skills, advantages and disadvantages separately so that the game is more diverse. At the start, all the characters do not differ much on the power that will depend on your development.

Impressive 3D graphics

Not only have the role-playing game character, Doll Games Order is also Gumi developed 3D graphics extremely eye-catching. Thanks to the best imaging technology today, the Dolls Order game is made up of high-definition, the image appears as a movie with various color games. The combination of visual effects for the game, it quickly attracted the eyes of players from the first game.

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Dolls Order APK V1.0.1- Download for Android, iOS

In general, the Dolls Order game is developing a very fast-paced RPG, with impressive 3D graphics. Certainly, Dolls Order will be one of the most popular role-playing games in the near future. If you love role-playing games but do not have time to play role-playing games that require a lot of time now, Dolls Order is a great choice for you. You can download the original Dolls Order or Dolls Order APK from the link below and experience it.

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