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DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.6.2

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What do dogs think when a stranger adopts and care for them? Change your perspective with this exciting role-playing game, DogLife, to get the answer.

About DogLife: BitLife Dogs

It is not difficult to find virtual pet games and know more about the pet care process. However, if you want a game with novel content, DogLife will satisfy you. You will transform into dogs and experience their lives through exciting decisions. The game has many unexpected situations, forcing you to choose to change your fate. Besides, you have the opportunity to observe the life of a dog from adoption to death. It is not an illusion. It is natural and resembles the real world. Also, the game provides many other exciting features for you to explore and experience.

DogLife is developed and published by Candywriter, who is also the creator of the popular Android game BitLife – Life Simulator.

Choose your favorite dog

DogLife does not start by taking care of a pre-installed dog. Instead, it allows you to choose a random dog and start its life. There are many breeds with different colors and shapes to choose from. You can select from Basset Hound, Bernese Mountain Dog, Beagle, etc. These are just the dogs on the original list. As when you reach higher levels, you can unlock more unique dogs. Once selected, you can set a name, gender, country, habitat (household, street, shelter, or pet store), and place. In addition to these choices, you are free to change your chosen dog’s health stats or even appearance.


Make a decision and face the consequences

DogLife offers many facts that you need to think about before choosing. The fate of chosen dog will be in your hands. For each event, the game will let you decide to select 1 of 3 options. You will never know what will happen and the future ahead. For example, you meet a family, and they want to adopt you. If you agree, you will share a house with them. With luck, this is a family in need of a pet, and they will love you.

On the contrary, they already have many dogs and do not take care of you. You can encounter other situations at a pet store, shelter, or a dog wandering the street. The fun part is that you never know if you’ll go through a life of joy or disappointment.

Pay attention to health indicators

Pay attention to the stats on the record as it tells you if your dog is in top shape. These indicators show joy, mood, loyalty, health, love or respect, etc. Blue indicators show that you take good care of them, and they are healthy. Red indicators indicate an unstable condition, and you need to deal with issues immediately. If they are hungry, feed them nutritious food. If the mood stat is low, play with them. The stats will increase quickly and stably when you do this care regularly. On the contrary, if you neglect them, they will get upset or even die.

Enhance your achievements

When joining DogLife, you need to try to make your dog live as long as possible. Don’t just let the dog of your choice end its life in just a few months. Instead, care for and help them reach the 1st, 10th, 20th, and beyond. The higher the milestones, the bigger the rewards you get. Besides, the life data of the dogs you choose will also be more prosperous. They will tell you more memorable stories during these periods. In addition, when your chosen dog lives long, its value also increases significantly. With an initial price of a few dollars at the start, it can grow to several thousand dollars with high achievements.

Profile with interesting stories

Each dog in DogLife has a unique profile representing life events. The information in the profile includes personality, life story, favorite food, purchase price, etc. This profile is also a diary that records the events and thoughts of your chosen dog. It will start from zero months until the dog passes away. You will be impressed by the funny thoughts that the dog shows. They will tell you about daily activities, new friends or even feelings of joy or disappointment.

Also, you can find indicators of your chosen dog’s life quality. This critical information helps you to assess your dog’s condition. That way, you can tailor your care accordingly. In addition, if your dog, unfortunately, passes away, this record will show the cause of death. It will summarize the personal information and why your selected dogs die.

Learn from other players’ care experience

If you don’t have much experience in pet care, don’t worry. Take the opportunity to learn from other players’ caregiving experience. By going and observing other dogs, you will discover many exciting things. It could be the experience of reacting to attacks, attracting others, or rapidly increasing stats. Besides, the game also saves your entire playing process for you to share with others easily.

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DogLife is not only different from other pet care games in its lovely graphics but also impressive gameplay. The game will give you a new perspective to better understand your pet. Download this game now and discover the life from birth to death of a dog.

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