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Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 7.0.1

App NameDisney Mirrorverse
Publisher Kabam Games
Require9 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Get it onGoogle Play

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Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK takes you into a virtual world where you have the opportunity to play with iconic characters from the Disney universe such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, and Maleficent. Get ready to lead your team to battle forces from the dark universe.

About Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse is a video game developed by Kabam Games, Inc. This is a game marking the cooperation of Kabam Games, Inc. with the famous film studios Disney and Pixar. In the game, you can summon all the characters from your favorite cartoons to fight the evil reality. Moreover, this is a beautiful and engaging fighting role-playing game with an exciting character system.

Disney Mirrorverse mod apk


Indeed your childhood is attached to animated movies by Disney or Pixar. They are movies about Jack Sparrow, Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, and more. But did you know that they inhabit a world called the Disney Mirrorverse? Their life is very peaceful and happy. Until one day, a significant event occurred.

The villains of Disney have gathered. They use their power to create a hole in the universe called “Fracture.” This is another dimension of the Disney universe, where there are also Elsa, Mulan, Stitch, etc., but completely different. They are manipulated by Fracture and become evil, and at the same time, they want to find a way to attack peaceful realities and take them over. So, the characters in the world of Disney and Pixar have chosen to fight together. Their aim is to protect the world’s peace.


Disney Mirrorverse is a role-playing game on smartphones. In this game, you will control cartoon characters from Disney and Pixar movies. Your mission is to fight and destroy the dark forces that want to invade your world.

You can build your battle lineup with up to 3 different guardians before each match. In battles, you will have a small area to engage with enemies. However, you can only control one guardian at a time.

To move the character, use the navigation keys on the right side of the screen. In addition, the attack key will be on the left side, along with the character’s unique skills. In addition, their health will be displayed in the top corner of the smartphone screen.

You will need to pass the clones individually to discover and win the Disney Mirrorverse.

Unite your guardians

In Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK, you can gather all Disney characters to fight to protect the world. That’s right, all of them. More specifically, you can summon Buzz Lightyear, Hercules, or even Mulan, Baymax, and more. What’s more, you can even put these guardians in the same lineup. As a result, they will fight the enemy together like a team.

You can unlock new characters by clearing copies or using summoning stones, which can be purchased in the magic store.

Disney Mirrorverse features

Use special skills

Each character possesses a particular skill of their own. Besides the unique weapons, these skills also increase their strength significantly. You can activate them through the special skill icon on the screen. As a result, they will perform special moves and attack the enemy. However, these skills will take time to refresh. Therefore, you cannot abuse it too often. The stronger your character As, the greater the damage dealt from the skill

Upgrade guardians

You can increase the strength of the characters by upgrading them. More specifically, the characters will accumulate a certain amount of experience after each battle. This amount of experience will help them level up and become more deadly. In addition, you can also upgrade the characters yourself using upgrade points in the game.

After being upgraded, the characters will have increased strength stats. As a result, their combat ability was also greatly improved.

Embark on epic quests

To delve into the Mirrorverse’s plot, you’ll have to conquer the clones slowly. A chapter of the game will include ten different copies. In each version, there are many stages. With each step, you will face other monsters. Of course, the boss will be waiting for you at the final stage.

Through each copy, you will rediscover the story of the Mirrorverse. Can you win and overcome all of them?

Stunning 3D visuals

Disney Mirrorverse is a game with beautiful 3D graphics. I love how the characters from Disney and Pixar movies are animated in the game. What’s more, Disney Mirrorverse also has combat with eye-catching and cool effects.

In fact, Disney Mirrorverse APK is a game that has a lot of compliments and positive comments about graphic design. Most of the players who participated in the game experience were impressed.

Fight deadly enemies

Fracture is a dark force from another dimension. They bring a lot of monsters to attack the Disney world. Moreover, they are all very belligerent and uncompromising. So guardians are forced to find a way to destroy them.

Through each round, you will face many different enemies. But the most difficult is still the boss of each round. They always appear last and are the strongest.

Play with other players around the globe

Disney Mirrorverse is an online game with millions of players worldwide. As a result, you can play and interact with them. Moreover, you can even fight them to see who is more robust. In addition, you can also send friend requests and communicate with them through the game at any time.

Tips to win in Disney Mirrorverse

Here are some tips to win the Disney Mirrorvers MOD APK game:

  1. Please upgrade guardians regularly. To win, you will always need your warriors to be as powerful as possible. So upgrade them regularly to increase their power.
  2. As you know, the characters in Disney Mirrorverse consist of many different systems. Some will be ranged champions, others melee, in addition to tankers and support patrons. A perfect lineup would include tankers, ranged champions, and support patrons because they can complement each other. Therefore, choose a suitable lineup every time you play.
  3. It would be best if you always determined your aim in battle. Instead of attacking multiple enemies, have guardians attack the same target. Thanks to that, you can finish them off more quickly.

MOD APK of Disney Mirrorverse

Mirrorverse MOD APK allows you to experience all the advanced features of the game. In this version, you will have unlimited money to shop for items. Moreover, the strength of the characters will also be enhanced. You can increase your characters’ attack/defense/heal in random battles.

Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK is now available on APKmazon. You can download the game for free at our blog.

MOD Info:

  • Unlimited Money
  • MOD Damage/Defense
  • Menu MOD
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


If you are looking for an exciting game for entertainment, then Mirrorverse MOD APK will be a perfect game. This game will take you into a world where the characters from your childhood Disney movies live. Here, they stand side by side and fight to protect the world’s peace and the realities. Please click on the link below to download some Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK for free.

Download Disney Mirrorverse MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 7.0.1

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