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Although today’s the most popular series in the world is the shooter survival game, there are so many similar games, which means new survival games will have to make a big difference to get success. Thus, over a period of one year, many game developers have incorporated their products with so many new ideas.

Dinos Royale 1

Today ApkMod will introduce you to a very interesting survival game called Dino Royale developed by Wizard Games, which is very famous for its hit games like and Guns Royale. This game was recently released in late August, supports for both Android and iOS.

Dinos Royale – Riding dinosaurs to fight in the survival battle

Unique gameplay

Basically, Dino Royale is a survival fighting game where characters will move with dinosaurs. You will be dropped into an arena with a top-down screen (like io games). You will need to collect weapons and find a way to kill the opponent until the only one left will be the winner. The game offers a fast-paced gameplay with the extremely minimalist virtual key system. You can access all the items in your inventory with just one click to a button.

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Dinosaurs are designed in a variety of ways, and they are not just to ride, they can also have powerful attacks to help you kill the opponents more easily. That’s why picking up the good stuff and weaponry also depends on your pet.

Graphics and sound

Not only have the different gameplay from the current survival games, but the graphics Dinos Royale is also very impressive. Dinos Royale is equipped with 2D-style Minecraft graphics, the details of the game are made up of small cubes. Despite the simplicity of the graphics, Dinos Royale still gives you a super smooth experience.

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Download Dinos Royale APK

In general, Dinos Royale has created a complete novelty for the current survival game. If you want to try a mobile survival game with a new concept, do not miss this product. Here is the download link for you to choose.

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