Diggerman APK for Android, iOS- Land digging to rescue the lover

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Diggerman 1


  • Platforms: iOS 6.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 270.79 MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0.3
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 21, 2018

Let’s see what games today we have! It’s going to be an extremely exciting entertainment game, now on the AppStore Stickers’ Stickers list, called Diggerman. This Diggerman game was just released a few days ago by DIGITAL MELODY GAMES KITAJEWSKI I STALEWSKI SPOLKA JAWNA – a developer with a rather bizarre name, an incredibly long name. Let’s take a look at this Diggerman game to see some interesting features and find out why it can rank so high on the AppStore despite just being released a few days.

Diggerman 1

Diggerman- Land digging to rescue the lover


Diggerman is a muddy miner and he lives happily with her lover in a very happy little house. But everything had stopped when a catastrophic event occurred to Diggerman. The guy name HUGE ANGRY MOLE had come and kidnapped his beautiful lover. He is looking every way to find her lover. And Diggerman needs your help. Are you ready to join the game to get along with Diggerman to rescue his girlfriend? You will together with Diggerman to face up with a series of challenges and have the task of mud-digging to fulfill the goal of saving the girl.

Diggerman 2

The gameplay is quite simple

Your task in this Diggerman game is to control the main character Diggerman to dig an underground way in order to find his lover while picking up valuable treasures. However, it is not easy to dig this road and you will face a series of dangers such as thorns, spider webs, TNT, lava, and bats. They will appear unexpectedly that you can not easily handle.

Diggerman 3

Although the journey to rescue the lover of Diggerman is full of hardships but there are still lots of interesting. You can collect valuable treasures. Each time you discover a treasure, you will get a sense of dither about the gifts. When you bring them up to the ground to open, the things inside can be useful items or money. With a digging ax in your hand, can you help Diggerman find his lover?

Diggerman 4

Main features

  • Join the fun game to rescue the lover with a completely new mechanism
  • Coming up with interesting stories like finding treasure, fighting the boss
  • With the participation of HUGE ANGRY MOLE
  • The five worlds let you experience the full spectrum of challenges and pitfalls
  • Earning gold coins and you will be a rich person

Download Diggerman APK

In terms of graphics, the Diggerman game has a classic 2D graphics style so there is nothing special for us to review. However, with the exciting gameplay and new control mechanism, it will definitely make you feel like it. Currently, the game has been released for free, but if you do not want to be annoying ads that interfere with the game, then you can spend a small amount to buy the ads-free version from developers.

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