Dice Dreams™️
Dice Dreams™️

Dice Dreams™️ MOD APK (MOD MENU)

Roll the Dice and Build Your Kingdom – Can You Beat Your Friends?

App NameDice Dreams™️
Publisher SuperPlay.
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Dice Dreams is a great multi-casual game from the developer SuperPlay. It brings players a good chance to show their strength in building a mighty kingdom. To start the first building, players will have to play and receive bonuses in an intense dice game. Specifically, you can roll the dice to get additional permits for destructive activities like bombing other players’ islands or looting. In this article, we provide you with the MOD APK file of the game named Dice Dream MOD APK for free. Please join us to find it out right now!


How players get more dice rolls is to send sincere invitations to the opponent to join the fun. Dice Dreams developed a minor game called dice throwing. Besides, the dice board image design system is wide at a separate stage for this game. The sides of the dice show the statement’s content that you can get as an image. You will get one turn to steal someone else’s stuff for the thief figure. The side printed with the bomb will be the command to move to an island and drop bombs to destroy the structure.

However, your roll of the dice will be limited by the system. Only when the maximum number of plays is lowered will you be able to provide new turns. That is also the reason why players will have to move constantly to change the position of the island and the game of dice. The system will not allow you to throw the dice if you have no turns. The hints given through the mailbox will help the player find more throws.


Dice Dreams helps players build a dream world where they can create their own kingdom from many giant constructions. To achieve those achievements, players will have to face consecutive challenges in a thrilling dice match. The sides of the dice will tell you what the next task is. Operating in many locations will make your pocket full; many constructions are also erected. The game will grant you an extra roll of the dice if everyday invites to the game are sent to your other friends.


The game features basic rules for players to participate in Dice Dreams easily. First, they need to create an account and experience. The game allows this account to connect to an external social network to send invitations to others. You will experience the game with friends for more fun and can compare achievements together. Besides, you can make friends with other players. The perk that you will get when you join the game is sending invites to your friends. It can help you get more dice rolls.


  • Explore the world on floating islands of little orange monsters; you will play them and do exciting jobs like construction, theft, or entertainment with a challenging game of dice.
  • Players will have more companions, connect to social networks and quickly send them invitations. Besides, playing in the same space also helps you make many new friends.
  • Perform the task of constructing different buildings using the coins in your pocket. Each building needs to pay an additional fee to cross the cable. The more buildings, the more your kingdom grows.
  • Get more dice roll participation by taking attendance or inviting new friends. The system limits the number of dice throws, and players will not be able to participate in the match when the roll is over.
  • Experience the fun in a beautiful interface, and explore many of your friends’ beautiful islands with trips. You can get a steal or a bomb to destroy any island.
  • Play for FREE with your friends
  • Join the free action with players around the world and play with your social network.
  • Steal from your friends’ boards & show them who’s the Dice Dream king
  • Invite your Facebook friends to join the epic fun!
  • Become the master of the dice & show your friends who is the master! 

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