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Dessert DIY MOD APK (Ad-free)

App NameDessert DIY
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Dessert DIY MOD APK is an exciting and easy-to-play cooking game on smartphones. Let’s make delicious desserts and decorate them beautifully!

About Dessert DIY

Dessert DIY is a cooking game developed by Crazy Labs LTD. In this game, you will experience making ice cream, popsicle stack, the icing on the cake, etc. The most exciting part of the game is that you can unleash your creativity to decorate the dishes. On the other hand, you can also choose from desserts to prepare. In the article below, let’s discover more about the Dessert DIY game with APKmazon.

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In Dessert DIY, you will play the role of a chef of a dessert shop. Every day, you will serve many other customers with different needs. To satisfy customers, you will have to choose the right ingredients and recipes. Finally, you can add toppings to decorate the dish. Day by day, you will learn new recipes. At the same time, you will also be able to upgrade your shop.

Playing games in Dessert DIY is also quite simple. Most of these operations are tap, hold and drag on the smartphone screen. However, you will also need a little ingenuity to decorate the dishes.

Ingredients selection

First of all, before you start making delicious dishes, you will have to choose the ingredients. They are the essential part that determines the taste of the dish. There are many different types of materials in Dessert DIY. In addition, each of these ingredients has its color, flavor, and processing method. Try to explore all of them!

In addition, you can mix a variety of ingredients to create unique dishes. But sometimes, these dishes can be unpalatable and unsatisfactory to customers.

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Make delicious desserts

In the Dessert DIY game, you don’t have to be an excellent chef to make delicious desserts. The game will guide you through all the operations and recipes to make them. Specifically, the desserts in Dessert DIY will be divided into several processing stages. Each stage will come with detailed instructions. You just need to follow those instructions. After that, you will be able to make delicious desserts that everyone will love.

Add toppings for dishes.

The final element to completing a delicious dessert is the topping. Topping not only makes desserts more delicious but also makes them more beautiful. Moreover, topping can also add flavor to the dish. There are many different toppings in Dessert DIY, and you can choose them for your favorite desserts.

Unlock new recipes

There are many recipes to make delicious desserts. However, they will be temporarily locked in the early levels. If you want to own these recipes, the only way is to level up quickly. More specifically, you will earn money and experience with each customer service. Gradually, you can accumulate them to level up.

There are many exciting desserts of different shapes and flavors in Dessert DIY. Try to explore all of them.

Serving VIP guests

In addition to the above, you will have the opportunity to serve VIP guests during the store’s operation. Of course, they will be willing to pay more for the dish. At the same time, if they are satisfied with the dessert, you will receive bonus rewards for new ingredients.

The VIP guests you can come across in Dessert DIY are celebrities like Kanye West, Drake, Ariana Grande…

dessert diy mod apk

Upgrade your store

Once you have a lot of profit from your business, you can start upgrading your store. More specifically, you can shop for more household items. In addition, you can also change the color and decor inside the store. Upgrading the store will help you get more revenue from sales. Besides, customers will also come to your store more crowded if it is beautiful.

Unlock new equipment

Along with new recipes, you will also need new types of equipment. I refer to the toasters, freezers, ice cream machines, etc. These are the equipment that you can own when you level up.

Besides, you can also unlock tools that you will use every day in processing. They are gloves, food containers, processing spoons, and knives. To own these items, you will be entered into a game of random numbers to unlock them.

MOD APK of Dessert DIY

In my opinion, Dessert DIY MOD APK is an exciting and attractive game. The game has simple gameplay but is no less addictive. In this game, you will have to work hard to earn money. Thanks to that, you can upgrade your shop and discover new recipes. Otherwise, you can also download the MOD APK version of Dessert DIY Unlimited Money. Currently, this version is available on APKmazon, and it is completely free.

MOD Info:

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To sum up, Dessert DIY is a game suitable for those who love cooking. In this game, you will experience making delicious and beautiful desserts. Can you please the fastidious diners? – Please click on the link below to download and install Dessert DIY MOD APK Unlimited Money for free at APKmazon.

Download Dessert DIY MOD APK (Ad-free)

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