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Have you ever thought that you would run an entire city? – They are the jobs of a president, but on a smaller scale. Now, you can experience this work in the game Designer City 2.

About Designer City 2

Designer City 2 is a game that simulates the construction and operation of a city. This is an interesting and attractive game on smartphones. In this game, you will play the role of a mayor to build your city. But can you build a dream city? – Let’s explore with APKmazon about Designer City 2 in the article below.


In Designer City 2, you will play as a mayor. Your mission is to build a prosperous and happy city. You can build houses, reclaim land and create a dream city.

On the other hand, maintaining the operation of an entire city is not easy. You must secure the necessary resources. Pay attention to the three important factors water, electricity, and food. However, you can build buildings or factories to produce them.

Also, pay attention to the toolbar located in the left corner of the screen. Here you can see population and happiness indicators. Try to keep the stats always at the highest level. Because only then will your city become a city worth living in.

What will you build?

What will you build in your city? – In the game Designer City 2, you can build your dream city. Let’s start clicking the hammer icon on the main page of the app. You will then be redirected to the construction page. Here you can design buildings for your city.

However, pay attention to the financial situation of the city. This is shown through the finance section in the upper corner of the screen. There are two currencies in Designer City 2, dollars and gold. To build buildings, you will have to pay costs in these currencies.

Play your city at night

The city at night will become very beautiful. It is because then, the buildings and the street lights are on. At this time, the scene will become sparkling and bustling. In addition, the time in Designer City 2 will be simulated based on real-time. In my opinion, this makes this game real and interesting.

Build 1000 buildings

Designer City 2 has more than 1000 different building models. So you can freely design and build your city. These works will be divided into different categories. They have a variety of uses and designs, which are:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Farming
  • Industrial
  • Community
  • Transport
  • Decorations
  • Utilities
  • Special
  • Trees

But to unlock all the buildings, you will need to reach certain levels. Once there, the buildings will automatically be unlocked. You can perform tasks to gain experience. Thanks to that, you can level up quickly.

Manage your city operations

As a mayor, you will need to take care of the running of the city. You can access the chart icon on the main page of the app. Here, you can track residential, commercial, industrial… These parameters will indicate the level of development of the city.

400+ challenges & achievements

To make Designer City 2 more attractive, try to conquer the challenges in the game. The game has more than 400 tasks for you to perform. Of course, they will come with well-deserved rewards. You can visit the task section on the main page of the app. In addition, you can choose the order of execution of arbitrary tasks.

Visit other cities

You can visit other cities to learn how to build their cities. To do this, click on the community icon from the main app. Then a random list page will appear. You can select “visit” to start visiting any city.

Build without limitation

Designer City 2 not only allows you to build the city of your dreams, but you can build unlimitedly. You can reclaim the forests around the city. Thanks to that, you can continue to build structures on it. In addition, you can build more paths to connect traffic circuits. What’s more, with the buildings you have built, you can upgrade them into bigger and more beautiful buildings.

Interact with other players

You can also interact with other players while visiting their city. At this point, you can help them deal with some of the problems. For example, you might come across random fires across cities. Your job now is to help them put out the fire. Of course, you will receive corresponding rewards for helping people.

In addition, you can also add friends with the owner of the city. If you like their city, you can rate it on a scale of 1 to 5. This number of ratings will help them compete with other players on the favorite city leaderboard.

Build an eco-friendly city

Try to build an eco-friendly city. This is challenging but also very interesting. You can build parks and play areas with lots of trees. Of course, a clean and friendly city will attract a lot of residents. At the same time, the people living in your city will always feel happy.

This is one of the most difficult tasks in Designer City 2. It is because you will have to balance a lot of factors such as electricity, water, and financial situation. But it’s also very interesting, so can you conquer this quest?

MOD APK of Designer City 2

APKmazon brings you the latest MOD APK version of Designer City 2. You can download it from our website completely free. In addition, visit us regularly to update the latest mod of Designer City 2.

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Designer City 2 is a perfect game for those who want to experience running a city. You can build the city of your dreams. Then you can develop it into a livable place for everyone. In addition, you can also visit the cities of other players in the game. Please click on the link below to install Designer City 2 MOD APK for free at APKmazon.

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