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Today ApkMod will introduce to you a new and very interesting entertainment game called Dere.exe – Please Do Not Play This Game. What’s happening with this game? The strange game has a recommendation not to play it? So why? It sounds like Dere .exe – Please Do not Play This Game is a very weird game. Surely you must be very curious about it, do not rush, you can learn more about it below.


Review Dere .exe – Please Do Not Play This Game

This is a new game released on February 2 by Darius Immanuel Guerrero and supports for two Android and iOS mobile platforms. This is a very interesting adventure game with simple gameplay. The producers say you should not play this game because this is a very simple game, without purpose or it does not even bring you any benefit. And importantly, it has a very compact size, and even the game maker can play on a faulty mobile device.


Simple gameplay

Joining the game Dere .exe APK MOD – Please do not play this game, you just need to control a strange creature in one direction and avoid the obstacles. This is an unconventional game, you will play until you hit the obstacle and the game will end with the score you got. It sounds like it’s a bad game, but when you first experience it, it will find its difficulty and appeal. With obstacles constantly moving without a certain pattern, you will feel frustrated when encountering it.


During the game, you will encounter many difficulties and obstacles. They may appear abruptly or move according to certain rules. That will probably stop you from playing like the recent TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game. If you have experienced TrapAdventure 2 -Hardest Retro Game you will definitely enjoy the gameplay of this game Dere .exe.

Download Dere .exe APK MOD – Please Do Not Play This Game for Android, iOS

In addition to the simplest game, Dere .exe РPlease Do Not Play This Game also has a graphical background that cannot be simpler. All images in the game are simple shapes, almost without a certain image. However, this game will make you addicted to it, if you do not believe it, download the game and experience it. You can select the appropriate download link for your device below to experience the game Dere. Exe РPlease Do Not Play This Game

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