Deleted Contact Recovery
Deleted Contact Recovery

Deleted Contact Recovery MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.19

Recover & Restore your deleted contacts from your internal phone database.

App NameDeleted Contact Recovery
Publisher JVR Developers
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About Deleted Contact Recovery

Have you ever, by mistake, removed critical contacts from the phone book that you save on your device? It is possible that the experience could be frustrating for you, particularly if you do not have a backup of your contacts. But don’t be concerned! A technique may assist you in retrieving all of the communications you have erased from your phone. The Deleted Contact Recovery app is an excellent instrument for recovering lost contacts and performing a great deal more besides.

Get in Touch with Recovery

The program has a function that allows you to retrieve all contacts you may have inadvertently deleted. It will show you a list of all the contacts you have removed, and you will have the option to pick and select which ones you wish to re-add to your phone book. This feature is only accessible for the contacts currently saved in the phone’s memory.

Multiple Instances of a Contact

Additionally, the software has a function that allows users to erase duplicate contacts. It will provide you with a list of all the same references, arranged alphabetically and numerically, making it simple to delete them promptly and effectively.

Contact Replications

The Deleted Contact Recovery program has a valuable function that enables you to save backup copies of your contacts in various file formats, including PDF, VCF, and Text. It would be much simpler to access your contacts on any device if you publish the files containing your backups on any social media applications you use.

Retrieve Lost Contacts

It will be simple for you to recover all of your contacts because the application will display the VCF files currently stored on your phone. You also have the option to recover contacts from backup files, which ensures you will always have a copy of your contacts if you lose them.

A list of contacts

The application lets you look at the whole directory of contacts stored in your phone book. You may easily share your connections with others by sending single or many communications via email or social media applications. This makes it convenient for you to share your contacts.

My Files

All your backup files, such as PDFs, VCFs, and Text files, are presented in a single location by the application. If you lose your contacts, you may quickly retrieve them by accessing the backup files on your device.

Retrieve Lost Data

The primary responsibility of the Deleted Contact Recovery app is to retrieve all of the data that you have lost or destroyed. The healing process is lightning fast and highly effective, and the outcomes are flawlessly in line with expectations. It will recover all of your data, and excessive errors should not interrupt the download process.

Complete Showing of Contacts That Have Been Removed

The program enables you to view all of the contacts that you have previously deleted and allows you to recover all of them. Because contemporary backup capabilities are utilized, you can choose any of your communications or all of them.

Easy Backup

The ability of the software to swiftly back up and restore not only contacts but also notifications is the standout feature that sets it apart from similar products. The procedure of backing up is uncomplicated and effective, and you can save it in various formats, including PDF, text, and others.

Significant Advancement

The Deleted Contact Recovery app has received a lot of praise for the significant improvements it has made. While backing up, the application assists you in reducing the number of spam sources that appear in mailboxes. This limitation is necessary so that you may disregard those obviously spam communications and prevent further data loss.

New Front-End Interface

The user interface of this software is clean and up-to-date, and it can be modified to suit the requirements of individual users. Users have access to a range of interfaces from which they can select one that best suits their tastes or develop their interface from scratch.

Principal Attributes

In a nutshell, the following functions may be found within the Deleted Contact Recovery app:

  • Restore notifications and data that you have previously efficiently removed from your smartphone.
  • Displays a comprehensive list of contacts you have previously removed, from which you may select based on your requirements.
  • Ensure that your contacts are backed up in various formats so you can access them easily in any situation and for any purpose.
  • Restore everything, and keep the number of spam boxes you see throughout the backup procedure to a minimum.
  • Find solutions for the typical issues, and work to enhance the application’s performance.


Everyone who places a high value on their contacts absolutely needs to download the app. It is the best option for retrieving deleted contacts because of its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and effective backup and restoration capabilities. Installing this program will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your contacts are always protected and can be easily retrieved. The Deleted Contact Recovery app covers if you erased your contacts inadvertently or want to back them up and restore them.

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