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DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu) 4.125.2

Addictive zombie shooting game on mobile – play offline and have fun!

App NameDEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Mega Menu
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If you want a free offline game with a first-person shooter (FPS) concept, go no further than DEAD TARGET. The game’s simple controls make it possible to enjoy the thrill of precision first-person shooting in 3D. Players’ shooting skills are the deciding factor in whether or not they make it out of the zombie-infested metropolis alive in this intense survival arena.

Can You Make It Through the Zombie Apocalypse?

In 2040, when the zombie apocalypse broke out, a group of snipers was recruited to go out into the fighting, secure weapons, and protect populated areas. In this zombie apocalypse game, players are constantly under assault from the undead. In this game, players must keep their guard up, their sights on the zombies, and their fingers on the trigger. Players who don’t practice good aim in these free shooting games run the risk of joining the ranks of the city’s slain citizens.

Crazy First-Person Shooter

In the first-person shooter DEAD TARGET, the undead are outfitted with lethal weapons and skills. They have some sense. This offline shooter has various zombie kinds for players to kill. Residents are in danger from the zombies; therefore, let’s compete to become the best hunter.

Rare Firearms

In this game, a wide variety of weapons are available against evil. With over 50 lethal shooting firearms and more on the way, sniper games have never been more exciting. To become proficient murderers in offline shooting games, players may improve their weapons and personalize them with skins.

A Reward Structure That Is Especially Enticing In Offline First-Person Shooters

To advance in rank and get access to better shooting guns, survivors must respond to the call of the mission by completing tasks. To become a legend in offline sniper games, you must kill more zombies and achieve your mission. In zombie survival games, the highest-paying achievements are always the most out there.

Play is Easy and Compulsive

With DEAD TARGET’s automatic gunfire system, zombie hunters can better target the living dead. The state-of-the-art interface makes fighting exciting and engaging. Players’ jobs are to protect the exits from zombies and to escape as quickly as possible. On the battlefield, it is now open fire. Players should communicate with their finest frontline sniper and shooter. In this free sniper 3D game, you must walk into the resident evil, aim quickly, and fire accurately to live.

Addicting Games Available at No Cost

DEAD TARGET is one of the offline games, which means players can shoot zombies anytime they want! We recommend wifi to download this offline shooting game, but players don’t need wifi to play.

Free Offline Graphical Sniper Games That Feel Real

Players of offline shooting games may experience the zombie outbreak in stunning 3D. They may hear the numerous great firearms in these games as they fire.

Positions in the Standings

Raise your weapon, squeeze the trigger, and make a statement about your morals by keeping track of your kill count in this offline shooting game. You can achieve gaming immortality by killing the most zombies in a non-online game.

Everyone Else Is Dead; It’s Up to You to Figure Out How to Stay Alive

The setting will become clear as you progress through the game’s opening sequence. An abandoned, shadowy metropolis where river bodies float aimlessly. That’s because the President refused to comply with the MZ corporation after they broke the deal and unleashed a zombie apocalypse on the city. Players will assume the role of a member of a special task force tasked with eliminating the living dead.

More risk equals more annoyance

Players in DEAD TARGET must sneak about and shoot at zombies to survive. The player also has additional information gathering to do while the army waits for reinforcements. Since the player’s lone remaining teammate, Agent M, is also in danger, the player will always be on their own in these situations. Players will sense both excitement and exhilaration as they stand before the tranquility of the city and the lives of themselves and their teammates.

Gain the upper hand, and rescue the city

The city went from being picturesque to overrun by zombies, thanks to the MZ firm and their trickery. Zombies lurk around every corner, in every building, and behind every door. To avoid being attacked by zombies, players must tread carefully, scout ahead, or blow up fortifications. Within the city, secret locations will be where coded messages and valuable intelligence can be found. The sooner the city is restored to normalcy, the more hidden messages players unearth.

Compared to modern shooters, the visuals and layout of the DEAD TARGET are awe-inspiring. Externally, the city’s destroyed setting, the buildings, and the walls are all highly appealing to gamers. Both the zombies and the weapons are customizable for each stage. Zombies will come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and patterns. Extra points are awarded to players based on the type of bonus. There are a lot of different kinds of guns, and new players will start with the standard issue weapon. Players can invest in weapon upgrades when they earn experience points for dispatching zombies.

Link Your Gaming Profile to Your Social Media Profiles

Players may play with friends by linking gaming accounts to social media profiles. Who among us can become the city’s top secret agent and save it first?


MOD feature

Unlimited Money, Mega Menu


DEAD TARGET is a first-rate shooter that offers a thrilling experience portraying a metropolis overrun by zombies. It’s a responsive first-person shooter with an intuitive control scheme. The impressive visuals and immersive audio make it feel like the player has entered the game, transforming into a character to battle hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic metropolis devastated by the Zombie Army. Players must utilize their shooting skills and cunning hiding spots to escape the zombie metropolis, save their colleagues, and uncover the secret they can use to alert the army. Get the free DEAD TARGET game and immediately defend humanity against the undead! Players should check out this murdering game since it is a great time and free!

Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu) 4.125.2

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