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Day R Premium MOD APK (Money, 100 Level, Free Caft) 1.765

Day R Premium, a quintessential endurance contest, transpires in the Soviet Union’s aftermath of World War II. Participants must persevere through a harrowing diurnal cycle within treacherous desolation before evading rapacious adversaries. It is imperative to devise subsistence methods by fabricating assets, encompassing conveyances, armaments, and attire to facilitate your arduous odyssey.

App NameDay R Premium
Publisher Rmind Games
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoMoney, 100 Level, Free Caft
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About Day R Premium

Embark upon a treacherous odyssey through the vestiges of the Soviet Union in Day R Premium, a captivating endurance contest situated within a post-atomic wasteland. As you navigate the precarious topography of the 1980s USSR, seek refuge, forge indispensable paraphernalia, and persist in the face of grotesque beings, unyielding adversaries, and a devastated milieu. This formidable exploit demands strategy, resourcefulness, and an unwavering will to endure, propelling players to their extremes as they endeavor to recover a fraction of existence amid the wreckage of society.

Can you persevere in a domain obliterated by nuclear warfare? With radiation, famine, and maladies encircling you, traverse the entire nation and rescue your kin. Uncertain of their survival or whether radiation and lethal pathogens have infiltrated their lives, unveil the enigma of the cataclysm and recapture your reminiscences during an expedition across the vast expanse of the 1980s USSR.

Enduring the aftermath of the apocalypse is no trivial task. Confront the authentic hunger games! Monstrosities, revenants, dehydration, innumerable ailments, and wounds – battle against these daunting challenges. Craft your vital resources: armaments, garments, and transportation.

Realm of Peril and Revelation

Day R Premium flaunts an authentic, expansive milieu with more than 2,700 municipalities strewn across the immense USSR. The game’s mercurial meteorological conditions and shifting seasons infuse additional complexity into your endurance escapade. As you traverse the desolate topography, you will confront numerous perils, encompassing ravenous fiends, antagonistic foes, and the ever-looming menace of famine, dehydration, and disorders. To exist in this relentless domain, you must depend on your intellect, resourcefulness, and capacity to acclimate.

Venture Into The Feral Domain

Players shall be transported to treacherous wastelands to commence their subsistence odyssey, where all now succumbs to hunger, maladies, and brutality. Scarcely has locating a secure sanctuary before being consumed by carnivorous fiends been so challenging. An expansive world map materializes; you must ascertain methods to endure this calamity. A singular endurance experience in which you possess the capacity to craft your armaments and munitions to battle for survival and safeguard existence.

Initiate your journey by dwelling within the wilderness, tracking fauna to procure primary sustenance. Along the path, arduous trials await; endeavor to amass as many resources as feasible to enhance your aptitudes and martial prowess. Gather numerous rare items to bolster your battle engagement and locate a secure refuge to embark on your demanding survival expedition. To brace for the impending assault of ravenous monstrosities, ascertain strategies to remain concealed and refine your combat techniques.

Forge Your Path to Endurance

In a realm where resources dwindle, crafting emerges as an indispensable aptitude for subsistence. The game empowers you to fabricate armaments, munitions, garments, conveyances, and other paraphernalia to bolster your struggle for survival. Engaging quests shall be bestowed upon you, and you may enlist comrades to assist in your fight for existence.

Not only do you necessitate martial weaponry, but you must also concoct astute strategies to safeguard yourself and your allies. Collaborate with confidants to forge invaluable support apparatus, and judiciously employ the resources amassed throughout your journey. A formidable expedition commences, and you must strive to accomplish myriad assigned tasks to acquire resources and rare rewards, augmenting your endurance battle. Embrace the challenge of combating adversaries, triumphing, and seizing their armaments for upgrades and novel acquisitions.

Looking for reliable allies

As you traverse the immense desolation, you shall encounter diverse characters possessing distinctive narratives and quests to fulfill. Establish partnerships with these resourceful personas and collaborate to surmount the unyielding trials that await. Day R Premium additionally proffers a cooperative multiplayer mode, permitting you to unite with fellow players online, barter items, and participate in ferocious skirmishes against the manifold perils that skulk within the shadows.

Persona Refinement and Advancement

Day R Premium presents an intricate character customization framework, empowering players to adapt their survivor’s visage and competencies to align with their preferred approach. Select from an array of skills, advantages, and traits to forge a distinctive protagonist, primed to confront the austere veracities of existence in a post-atomic domain. Progress through the game by accomplishing missions, vanquishing adversaries, and procuring precious resources to enhance your character and bolster your prospects of endurance perpetually.

Savor the Premium Advantages

The premium iteration of Day R Premium proffers a multitude of elite attributes devised to amplify your gaming escapade. Initially, you acquire an auxiliary comrade on your odyssey, the pet Raven. Valuable items within the sheltered zone are available to facilitate improved living conditions. Furthermore, you gain unrestrained access to every functionality and map. The chat facility is also unveiled, enabling you to correspond with fellow players globally.

MOD APK of Day R Premium

  • Unlimited Money
  • 100 level
  • Many items in the inventory, including items from events
  • If you do not need a mod, then do not use its capabilities.

NOTE: Mod only runs with the Internet on! Otherwise, the store section will be empty.

What does the premium version have?

  • 2500 caps for a new game
  • Removed ads
  • Save anywhere
  • Chat without restrictions
  • Sending without restrictions
  • Full access to all markers and colors.


Day R Premium captivates and enthralls as a survival game, compelling players to negotiate the perilous topography of a post-cataclysmic realm. With its authentic, expansive milieu, comprehensive crafting mechanism, captivating cooperative multiplayer, and intricate character personalization, Day R Premium presents an exhilarating and indelible adventure for aficionados of endurance contests. Are you prepared to confront the obscurity and retrieve your existence amid the wreckage of society?

Download Day R Premium MOD APK (Money, 100 Level, Free Caft) 1.765

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