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Recently, a new interesting survival game has just been released, called Dawn of Zombies Survival. However, it will be a survival game in the Zombie world, which means it’s not developed under the PUBG or Fortnite gameplay. Dawn of Zombies Survival is a top-down survival game which requires players to fight with more fearsome enemies than zombies or monsters – the other players.

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Dawn of Zombies Survival – The latest survival game

Post-apocalyptic surviving or zombie pandemics are popular themes for many game developers, and many products with these themes have been released recently. In the context of Dawn of Zombies Survival, after a nuclear disaster, the survivors suddenly mutated into walking corpses, the strange phenomena also appear everywhere that threaten the life of the living human.

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In order to become a survivor in this dangerous world, you must go into radioactive areas to seek for supplies and ammunition. Of course, not only do zombies threaten you, but you also have to interact with the other survivors – the other players can be your allies or they are waiting to rob. These interactions make the game more interesting.

Besides, after you have collected enough resources, it’s time for the production. The game has a variety of options ranging from home, cars which are enough for you to hardly collect the materials. From a small initial shelter, the player can expand them and build up a safe camp to welcome friends or other people to live together.

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Sharp graphics

Nowadays, every survival game is equipped with high-level graphics, so Dawn of Zombies Survival must be invested heavily in the images to be able to compete with the survival games. hit the current. Dawn of Zombies Survival is made with sharp 3D graphics, giving players the best experience.

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Download Dawn of Zombies Survival APK

With what has been shown, Dawn of Zombies Survival is actually a better option than any other survival game. It also brings many new experiences that does not copy the style of PUBG as other developers did. However, the official version of this game has not been revealed, you can only experience this game through the APK file below.

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