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Dashlane Password Manager MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 6.2128.1

App NameDashlane Password Manager
Publisher Dashlane
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Every day many online accounts are compromised around the world, due to weak passwords. To help users avoid information theft and enhance account and password security, Dashlane Password Manager was created.

Introducing Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager is an application that generates unique passwords for all the accounts you are using. These passwords are secured right on your device and only you can open them. When a website asks you to enter a password, Dashlane will automatically fill it in for you, which you don’t need to remember. It also supports setting up high difficulty passwords, helping to maximize your account security. You can also easily orchestrate your password sharing with different browsers to easily log in to various browsers.


Key features of Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager makes it easy to manage your passwords and improve their privacy. Join us to explore its outstanding features right below.

Unlimited password storage and access anywhere

You don’t need to have a good memory or have to write down all the passwords you create. This tool automatically helps you to store every password you have created without asking for anything more. Several passwords are unlimited, as it is possible to save them all. Just download this app and create a password as usual and you can store a lot of passwords for different accounts. Besides, at any time, whatever browser you visit, it also supports you to automatically fill in passwords.

Password information is encrypted securely

This app stores your password information in the form of an encrypted database or encrypted data. This tool will save your password and encrypt it into a chunk of random letters. A security key is required and in this case to decrypt this information. It is your master password. Only you are the one who knows what your master password is and you must remember it. The password manager will also not know your password.

Automatic data synchronization

Not only helps you encrypt and store passwords, but this security program also supports you to sync your data, with all your devices. It doesn’t matter what you access by phone device and computer or browser, even on different systems. Every time you use the browser to surf the web or play a game that uses an account and password, it saves your account and synchronizes the data for later visits.

DASHLANE features

Setting up Dashlane is also very simple

What’s more interesting about this app is its nice interface and ease to use. It’s a step-by-step installation with easy-to-understand and simple instructions. Just one note you need to remember is that after choosing a master password to access Dashlane, you are required to remember this unique password. If you lose it, you won’t have access to private databases. You also do not need to spend too much time installing this tool into your browser. You can quickly install this tool into browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer. It makes it easy to explore the features and components of the interface. Besides, if you are using another password manager, you can completely move your database to this password securing program quickly and conveniently.

Create secure passwords with Password Generator

Usually, user-generated passwords are not secure and secure enough to defend against data attacks out there. But with this the password generator, you can rest assured. These passwords are highly secure and continuously encrypted. Additionally, if you open an account on a new website, Dashlane can generate a new stronger password for you from the browser itself. These passwords are completely stored in the database. It will also be synchronized for quick access at any time.

Login automatically

This password security program does not force you to re-enter your password, it will log in for you automatically. At any time, on every aplatform, it will automatically fill in the correct username and password. At this point, just open another website or application and you can access your account. It also gives you another option to log in, which is with one tap with your fingerprint. Besides, this tool also automatically securely stores personal information. It helps you automatically fill out online forms with saved information including address, credit card number, and ID. With just one touch, these online forms are filled out quickly.

Set up private notifications

Not only does it provide you with password security features, but it also allows you to receive notifications about public vulnerabilities that affect data and security breaches. Under dark web surveillance, you can completely find out if your data is on the dark web or not. A built-in VPN browser allows you to browse safely and anonymously. Finally, with 2-factor authentication, your information is even more secure and secure.

About Premium version

If you are a Dashlane Premium user, you can set up cloud mode to update your password database and store it in the cloud. Also, it supports private database management to access passwords anytime, anywhere without sync. Besides, every 5 minutes, it will also sync once. Besides, you can also choose your security level.


Dashlane is the perfect password manager for people who don’t have much IT knowledge. Download this app now so all your accounts and passwords are secure.

Download Dashlane Password Manager MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 6.2128.1

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