Darkness Rises APK v1.23.0 - Download for Android, iOS

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  • Publisher: NEXON Company
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 98M
  • Latest Version: 1.23.0
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: April 25, 2019

Dark Avenger 3 is an extremely attractive ARPG game developed by Nexon Company that was released in November 2016, which meaning almost two years ago. In July last year, Nexon released this top game in Korea with a limited edition that has received a lot of attention from Korean gamers and gamers all over the world. Seeing this success, Nexon decided to develop the mobile version of Dark Avenger 3, however, it was renamed Darkness Rises.

Darkness Rises 1

Darkness Rises was introduced by Nexon a long time ago and allows players to pre-register through the homepage or on the Google Play. Up until now, Darkness Rises has been officially released so that global gamers can easily experience it. The game currently available on two of the most popular stores, Google Play and AppStore, and is free for Android and iOS devices. For more details about this game and how to download it, please refer to the review below of ApkMod.

Darkness Rises – Nexon’s new ARPG

Many people may wonder why Nexon changed the name of this game from Dark Avenger 3 to Darkness Rises because they did not want the player to be misled to a game previously released by Gamevil. The game Darkness Rises this time developed an immersive action role-playing gameplay with an impressive graphics. More accurately, Darkness Rises possesses extremely wonderful graphics.

Darkness Rises 2

Beautiful 3D graphics

The strongest game of Darkness Rises, which can draw the attention of players from the first time entering the game is its graphics, which we have mentioned above. Accordingly, Dark Avenger 3 is upgraded with the 3D graphics layer which is powered by the latest technology Unreal Engine 3 on the mobile platform. The image in the game is extremely sharp from the character, landscape to the smallest details such as grass, clothes,… That makes the experience of players extremely smooth and great. Though we are just playing on compact devices like the smartphone, it’s no inferior to the PC or Console games.

Darkness Rises 3

Character system

About the character system, Darkness Rises will be divided into three major classes, including Kenneth (Warrior), Bella (Wizard) and Hector (Berserker). Each character class possesses a specific skill set and plays different roles in each battle. Players need to master the skills of their characters as well as the control of the opponent can easily win. Each character will be equipped with costumes, armor, and other weapons to be able to promote their strength.

Attractive action gameplay

Darkness Rises will continue to develop the same gameplay as other role-playing games with varied modes of play for players to choose from. With the story-based experience mode, players will take their characters to complete their assigned missions to gain a better understanding of the storyline. In addition to the basic elements of role-playing games such as boss hunting, real-time PvP arena, equipment making and upgrading, Darkness Rises also has a unique Guild System. In this Guild mode, experienced players can help new members.

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Overall, this game Darkness Rises Nexon has been invested heavily in both gameplay and graphics, promising to be a top-notch game in the near future. Read the review above, you are definitely interested in the game Darkness Rises and want to experience it immediately. So we will provide you with the download link below, which will be available from Google Play, AppStore and Darkness Rises APK if you need it.

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