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Dark Lord MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Characters) 0.1.20

Dark Lord MOD APK – Become the Dark Lord and make choises in your story! Simulator & rpg adventure.

App NameDark Lord
Publisher Undead Fox Games
MOD InfoUnlimited Money, Unlocked All Characters
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About Dark Lord

In Dark Lord, an engaging mobile game, you’ll find a blend of simulation, strategy, offline RPG components, missions, and card mechanisms. You are about to go off on an adventure of a lifetime, in which your goal is to become the most excellent Dark Lord ever by ruling an evil kingdom and rescuing the lowly enslaved people and nighttime animals from the hands of the light.

The App Awakens

Thank goodness you finally woke up, Your Majesty! But when you go back, you see the harsh truth. Your once glorious kingdom is now a smoldering wreck overrun by flourishing gardens and stripped of its wealth. Even the holy Tower of Light, formerly the Castle of Sorrow, has been given a new, profane name. This kind of arrogance is not acceptable. But have no fear; under your direction, a new civilization will rise from the ashes, and you will lead a solid army to rescue the errant beasts. Praise be to the app!

Playable Elements

Simulation of an Evil Monarch’s Rise to Power

Assume an authoritarian leader’s role and prepare for a thrilling new experience. Learn the ins and outs of government, where assassins lurk in the shadows, treacherous conversations occur, and tough choices must be made. Do you prefer to play role-playing games online or offline? The hybrid format that Dark Lord provides is appealing.

Plethora of Challenges and Benefits: The Big Ideas

Successful leaders strive to be the best. As the ultimate in this game, you are tasked with various missions and lofty objectives. It would be best to decide how the tale develops; your decisions might affect the entire kingdom.

Free-form Gameplay: Making Your Own Decisions

Enjoy the independence to decide for yourself what to do next. Cast a spell that destroys everything in its path, assemble an army that can take on anything, or be nasty. Consult your closest advisors, throw lords and heroes in jail, and watch the dark kingdom rise from the ashes.

The Repercussions of Tough Moral Decisions in a Simulation Game

In this world, there are always repercussions to one’s actions, and planning is complex. A witch who uses her powers to help the oppressed needs your help. Will the night’s animals swear loyalty if you reveal their deepest, darkest secrets? Find the answers to the mysteries of your heroic journey.

Artistic, Hand-Drawn Graphics Reveal a Forbidden Fantasy

Take through all of Dark Lord’s eye-catching images. The game’s impressive hand-drawn visuals bring this fascinating world to life, and it draws inspiration from well-known dark fantasy RPGs from both the online and offline worlds, as well as from literature and film.

Humor that thrives in the shadows

Similar to real life, ruling an empire is a complex process. Thankfully, the game is open to a more sinister kind of humor. The shadow people have their brand of humor, providing brief moments of light relief.

The Race for Preeminence Begins

Accept the role of the Dark Lord in your life and go forward on the path to global dominance. Maintain your absolute control by engaging in evil missions and defeating the forces of good. You must walk a fine line between the power of your army, the efficacy of your magic, the plenty of your treasury, and the dread you engender, but you must guard against the betrayal of your valued advisors.

Start Your Nightly Routine

In other words, go ready to do the bad things that will define your life. As you journey into the unknown, may the night win.

MOD APK version of Dark Lord

MOD feature

1. Unlimited Crystals
2. Unlimited Gold (exchange with crystals)
3. Unlocked All Characters


Dark Lord is a mobile role-playing game that has exploded in popularity and won the hearts of today’s youngsters. If you’ve ever wanted to rule an evil empire and seize global dominance like Dark Lord, this game is your chance. Dark Lord is a game unlike any other, combining strategic decision-making with in-depth role-playing and accomplishing missions. The card mechanics integrated into the game also increase the complexity of the ruleset.

Download Dark Lord MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Characters) 0.1.20

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