Download Dancevil APK (by Com2us) for Android, iOS

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Dancevil 1


  • Publisher: Com2us
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: FREE
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 100MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: April 24, 2018

According to the information we have received, Com2us, the world’s leading developer of games, has recently introduced an online game called Dancevil. Currently, they are finishing the game in the last stages to release in the coming time. This is a very special music game that Com2us has invested very carefully.

Dancevil 1

Dancevil- New music game from Com2us

Participating in the Dancevil game, players will communicate with each other through music and dance steps created by themselves, alongside the task of helping people explore this lovely and colorful world. You can transform into music producers and choreographers in an open world. Not only that, you are also a manager and take your artists to the great shows.

Dancevil 2

When participating in the game, players can freely create and share the music created by themselves. Players will be able to take the role of dancers and create your own unique moves. Just move the “knuckles” of the hands and feet of the character, and create unique dance moves on your own music. However, players need to find the right instrument for the melody you think. So Dancevil does not give anything to the player, in the world of music, you are the creator of your own game.

Dancevil 3

Graphics and sound

The game Dancevil is equipped with a quite simple 2D graphic, even the character system in the game is created as simple as possible. The images in the game are fun and interesting but not as realistic as the graphic in the today game. Do not be surprised when the dancers and artists in the game are created quite bizarre, not as the beautiful and charming girls in real life.

Dancevil 4

Download game

This will be a game that attracts a lot of global attention with the ability to share music videos extensively with the community or compete with other players in top music contests. This Close Beta is for Android gamers around the globe, and you can also get rewards in the game to easily start your music career. You can register to participate in the first round of Dancevil Close Beta from the link below.

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