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Cyber Hunter MOD APK (Wall Hack, Mega Menu) 0.100.485

Cyber Hunter MOD APK – Dive into the ultimate survival experience!

App NameCyber Hunter
Publisher NetEase Games
Size2.2 GB
MOD InfoWall Hack, Mega Menu
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About Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a thrilling sandbox mobile game of the future generation that provides players with a challenging and original gaming experience. This game has various features that keep players interested, including survival, shooting, exploring, and parkour. Here, we look closely at Cyber Hunter, dissecting its intriguing new features, game variations, and mesmerizing gaming mechanics.

The updated version includes: the debut of [Loot Lord]

The new [Loot Lord] gameplay option is an excellent addition to the game’s recent upgrade. This mode’s exciting difficulty comes from the fact that it can be played in a first-person perspective and necessitates a four-player squad. Players of any size can enjoy this mode. [Loot Lord] is considered by many to be the game’s hardest difficulty setting. Players take on the role of gold miners known as Wanderers, venturing onto a new territory to scrounge for precious things, combat against other gold miners, and escape before the clock runs out. After a successful evacuation, players can sell their treasure for TSP, the native currency of the Three-star Peninsula, increasing their wealth and unlocking better weaponry. If you leave, you’ll retain access to your Cryptboxes and supplies you haven’t insured.

Season 12: Your Knighthood Awaits You

Cyber Hunter Season 12: Knight’s Glory is coming soon and is a fascinating experience. This season, the game has been elevated by introducing new, engaging themes, such as [Knight of Honor] and [Knight’s Glory]-themed uniforms.

Specific Personalities and Unique Abilities

This game has colorful character designs with realistic likenesses. Players may make unique and lifelike heroes using cutting-edge face-shaping art and over a hundred cosmetic options. In addition, various special abilities and strategies may be used in the game for tactical purposes. Players can develop their tactical systems, including but not limited to optical camouflage, quantum barriers, invisible force fields, and fire support.

Parkour and Lightning-Fast Battle

In Cyber Hunter, you may enjoy the rush of free fighting while learning to fly and excel at parkour. Use various parkour techniques to outmaneuver your foes as you soar through the skies, dive beneath the waves, and more. The game’s setting is a vast open world with various environments, such as a mysterious swamp filled with ancient ruins and a desert with temples over a thousand years old. Players may find several valuable tools and weaponry by venturing into the large open environment.

Ultimate Struggle for Survival

The gameplay of this game is a survival shooter that is both realistic and harsh. The agony of the conflicts you encounter gets more accurate as you progress through the game’s challenging locales. Players must devise strategic attacks, arm themselves, and seek refuge to live. If you enjoy the tension and urgency of survival shooting games, the game is a must-have that will keep you occupied for hours.

Extreme Abilities and Clever Methods

Those who appreciate the rush of gunplay will have a good time at Cyber Hunter. The game’s open-world design encourages players to hunt, scavenge, and fire their way to victory. Acquire weaponry, armor, and transportation to better your odds of survival, and make or modify weapons as necessary. Take part in challenges, chase down your foes, and rack up points to prove your superiority.

Fighting Styles in a Big World

The vast Cyber Hunter universe is where individuality is valued above everything else. Fight how you want, where you want, and with whatever results you want. The only thing you have to do is kill bad guys and figure out how to stay alive. As they progress through the game and get access to more of the massive globe map, players will be thrown into increasingly difficult battlegrounds. Rugged terrain can be overcome using a specialized vertical combat system. Use quick footwork to traverse slopes and obstacles and outwit your foes. Having an advantage in the ensuing struggles for survival, collecting new weaponry becomes important during heated conflicts. Fight whichever you choose, taking the chance to rule the planet. Quickly eliminate foes and steal their unique equipment, weapons, and loot, triggering thrilling battles in fascinating settings.

Gameplay Variation for Endless Fun

The variety of game modes is a critical feature that keeps players from becoming bored. The game provides a variety of experiences, from stressful combat confrontations to resource collection, to keep players on their toes. Please participate in epic fights against powerful enemies and improve your character’s weaponry to prepare them for the constant struggle for survival. Practice your shooting and agility on the obstacle course to improve your performance. Use your imagination and try new things like flying, doing perfect rolls, diving, and climbing to find and collect fantastic stuff. Adopting such a holistic strategy is essential for effectively and promptly eliminating the threat. Please use the game’s fighting system to decimate foes while keeping tabs on their whereabouts in real-time for the best chance of survival. The struggle for existence in this game has never been more fascinating, thanks to the exhilarating pursuits that guarantee hours of amusement.

MOD APK version of Cyber Hunter

MOD feature

– White Map
– No Fog
– Remove Wall
– Bug Wall
– Speed Effect
– Fall Hack
– Fov


As a result of its advanced features and engaging design, Cyber Hunter stands out as a cutting-edge sandbox mobile game. It’s a new and exciting take on the survival shooter genre that includes exploration and parkour elements. The forthcoming S12: Knight’s Glory season will have fascinating themes, and the addition of the [Loot Lord] gaming option will offer a challenging new element. Freedom of mobility and a wide variety of locales provide many options, while the game’s vivid characters, unique talents, and tactical mechanics let players create their distinctive playstyles. The survival shooting mechanisms in this game are realistic, putting players in a world where their actions have consequences. Cyber Hunter promises hours of riveting enjoyment for gamers looking for a unique mobile gaming experience with its combination of powerful abilities, varied gameplay, and the thrill of freestyle fighting.

Download Cyber Hunter MOD APK (Wall Hack, Mega Menu) 0.100.485

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