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Today the game that ApkMod brings you is an adventure game, in which you will have a chance to take the role of a talented detective. This game called Cube Escape: Paradox, was released shortly ago by Rusty Lake. Although released shortly, this game has been known around the world and liked it. Currently, on Google Play for Android, Cube Escape: Paradox has received over 500,000 downloads and nearly 20,000 positive reviews from players.

Cube Escape Paradox 1

Cube Escape: Paradox – Detective role-playing game


Dale Vandermeer is a great detective but he is also very scandalous, so he has a lot of jealousy who wants to hurt him. One day, Dale wakes up in a mysterious room with a lot of uncertainty. It’s very strange that Dale does not remember any memory of his past. But then he realized that he had fallen into a bizarre game set by an old enemy. So Dale must find a way to get out of here. To get rid of this bizarre trap, Dale will have to solve the puzzles with the increasing difficulty. After solving all these puzzles, Dale will restore his memory and leave the mysterious room.

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And you will take the role of the detective Dale Vandermeer to begin the journey to find the mystery of the bizarre room, free yourself and restore the memories. This is a very difficult challenge that currently, no players can overcome. How about you?

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Main features:

  • Step into an adventure, an unprecedented adventure with a unique combination of games and movies, which has not happened in any other games.
  • Accompany Dale to solve the puzzles, with increasing difficulty
  • Series of connections and interaction with Paradox – A Rusty Lake Short Film
  • There will be two different chapters, one for free and a costly one
  • Beautiful paintings by Johan Scherft
  • Background music created a great atmosphere of Victor Butzelaar
  • Bob Rafferty’s strong vocals and starring David Bowles
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Download Cube Escape: Paradox APK

Overall, Cube Escape: Paradox is a unique detective role-playing game with a combination of games and movies, giving you a new appeal feeling of adventure. If you are interested in the game Cube Escape: Paradox, then you can download the game via the link below.

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