CSR 2 – Drag Racing Car Games
CSR 2 – Drag Racing Car Games

CSR 2 - Drag Racing Car Games MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.9.0

Car Racing Games with Furious Drifting! Race in a Fast Driving Games Simulator!

App NameCSR 2 - Drag Racing Car Games
Publisher NaturalMotionGames Ltd
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About this MOD

Unlimited Money

After a long time of silence, the developer, NaturalMotionGames Ltd released a great game that is the perfect successor to CSR Racing, which was released in 2012. We are talking about CSR Racing 2. The game has inherited all of the best features from the previous version in this version. Besides, it adds many improvements, in terms of gameplay, key features, and graphic design. Although racing games are popular in the mobile gaming community, CSR Racing 2 shows that it is one of the most exciting racing games ever. Although it is not as inferior as blockbuster games like GT Racing or Asphalt, CRS Racing 2 possesses beautiful 3D graphics and an intuitive control system. It can satisfy all gamers in the world.


At the beginning of the game, players will choose a simple car, which does not have so many special points. You can use this to complete some basic tasks. After some wins, you will receive bonuses, which you can use to buy a better car or upgrade the old car for new indicators. At the end of each race, the higher the position is, the more money and items you will receive. In addition to the single-player mode, CSR Racing 2 also offers you competition in online PvP multiplayer mode. In which you will have more chances to win the most valuable in-game rewards and climb the global rankings.

How to play CSR Racing 2 effectively:

  • The first is how to start the car properly. During the 3-to-1 countdown timer, you should press and hold the gas pedal so the indicator light turns green. You can keep the green light until the counter is 1 to get the best starting speed.
  • Witch the gear when the indicator turns green. If it is successful, you will have good gear changes. When you change the gears too quickly or too slowly, you have missed the chance to speed up.
  • Nitro is the key to overcoming other players on the track. You can press the Nitro button to accelerate as soon as the opportunity arises. The best time to use nitrogen depends on the specific vehicle and lap. The best driver is waiting to see if the wheel indicator stops flashing before using Nitro.
  • On the map, when you touch the screen and drag left or right, you will have access to another level of the game that you have unlocked. You can only access the existing level or continue the missed levels.
  • Conquering the challenge every day: The system of CSR Racing 2 will update every race and change the track daily, so you can earn extra income on each journey. Specifically, you can rent a car that is equal to the opponent’s car and push the level up to your ability.
  • Standard lap: You have to try to align to get the most perfect lap. In which, you will get more bonuses. You need to reach maximum stars to unlock harder levels.
  • The tricks for getting more fuel in the game:
  •  Buy a new fuel tank in gold
  •  Ask your friends for fuel
  •  Winning in multi-player tournaments
  •  Fuel will recover automatically after a certain time
  •  How to receive gold: some of the ways to get gold in CSR Racing 2 are Levelling up, and winning many in-game tournaments when playing in online mode, or buying in the store.

 Note: Gold is the main currency in the game. Therefore, you have to try to earn as much gold as possible.

Key Features

In addition, we would like to bring you a special version of this game named CSR Racing MOD APK, which will give you more interesting features below.

  •  First, it is the cheaper price of a car compared to the original version. In this mod version, the car costs 3 gold, while the original version costs much higher.
  •  Second, all upgraded materials are extremely cheap.
  •  The third, this version will provide 4000RP for each completed race whether you win or lose. 1000RP for each upgrade and 1000RP for each time you buy a car.
  •  Fourth, all cars have been unlocked, which makes you quickly experience the great cars in the game.
  •  The fifth, unlocking all the tracks without caring about low or high levels. You just need to know how much you have to pay to play them. Of course, the price of each track is also very cheap, compared to the original version.
  •  Finally, this mod version will help you get more experience points after you finish a track. This makes you level up quickly.

The great design

CSR Racing 2 has great designs from race tracks to the car collection. Besides, it also possesses super sharp 3D graphics. The track backgrounds are extremely beautiful and authentic. In addition, players are satisfied with a unique supercar collection that are up to 50 copyright modules from many famous manufacturers in the world such as Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, and Aston Martin… They will make your game more attractive.


CSR Racing 2 is a great racing game with attractive gameplay, beautiful graphic design as well as an abundant car and race track collection. The game is always on the top of the world’s most exciting games. CSR Racing 2 will satisfy all gamers.

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