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  • Publisher: X-Legend Entertainment
  • Platforms: Android +
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 68M
  • Latest Version: 11.5.3
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: March 7, 2019

Crown Four Kingdoms is a new role-playing game developed by X-Legend Entertainment, a developer from Taiwan. It was released to the Taiwan market a long time ago and was extremely loved by the local gamers. So X-Legend Entertainment has decided to release the Crown Four Kingdoms game around the world, which is said to be able to create a huge trend in the world.

Crown Four Kingdoms 1

X-Legend Entertainment has released Crown Four Kingdoms on Google Play and the AppStore for mobile devices. Accordingly, Crown Four Kingdoms was developed with an RPG gameplay, the animation style, and sharp 3D graphics. Before you download the game, check out the review of Crown Four Kingdoms below of ApkMazon and we’ll show you how to download the game to your device.

Crown Four Kingdoms – The hot role-playing game from Taiwan

The content of the game

In terms of content, the game Four Kingdoms Crown is about the four kingdoms formed after years of classics against the divine objects. There are four divine objects distinguished by different colors. After this war, each kingdom holds a divine object. These objects are the red victorious sword, the blue holy grail, the green crown of life, and the yellow staff of the truth.

Crown Four Kingdoms 2

But there are some demons have survived from those who have been defeated by these sacred objects. They think that they can revive the demon race, and that’s why they start the crazy plan. Entering the game, the player will choose to become one of those four kingdoms to begin the journey of adventure. When you start the game, you will choose Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Archmage, and then these characters will evolve into Paladin, Brawler, Hunter, Priest. In order to evolve, the player has to meet the criteria and conditions set by the game system.

Role-playing gameplay

It will be a familiar role-playing gameplay where the player controls a character to explore the intriguing aspects of the game. The main mode of play will still be PvE based on the storyline in order for the player to understand the game content, to promote and upgrade the character, especially the character evolution. Crown Four Kingdoms’ players are free to switch between the original class and the advanced classes in theĀ battle to use and combine the unique skills. Joining the game, players will find many of the exciting features of this Crown Four Kingdoms game including territorial control, PVP battle with 100 players and Senshi pet system.

Crown Four Kingdoms 3

In the beginning, you are just a normal character, but after gaining a lot of power and experience, you can set up your own Guild, then gradually develop it to be able to rule a whole great kingdom. Players will have the power to manage the characters in their Guild, choose trusted generals to join the battle.

Controlling in Crown Four Kingdoms is no different than other RPGs. You can see this control mechanism in many other role-playing games, with a button to move in all directions at the bottom left of the screen and the skill keys in the lower right corner of the screen.

Crown Four Kingdoms 4

Images and sounds

Crown Four Kingdoms was created by X-Legend Entertainment developer with a sharp 3D graphics. So the picture in the game is made with high quality, as vivid as a movie that is not simply as a mobile game. With 3D animation style, the game creates a great attraction as soon as you see the game for the first time. Along with the background music system, the sound effects are meticulously invested in each battle phase, bringing a realistic and vivid experience.

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Download Crown Four Kingdoms APK

Crown Four Kingdoms has a fascinating role-playing gameplay with stunning 3D graphics, so it’s become a super big trend in Taiwan after being released. Therefore, releasing the Crown Four Kingdoms game on the global market is a right decision of X-Legend Entertainment. The Crown Four Kingdoms game is now available on Google Play and AppStore in the form of pre-registration, so just sign up now to receive great deals when the game is officially released. We will update the official game download link as soon as possible, please wait!

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