Download Crowd City MOD Apk v1.2.19 (MOD Skins, No ADS)

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Crowd City 4


  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 84M
  • Latest Version: 1.2.19
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 3, 2019

Crowd City – New Voodoo’s io style game

Currently, io style game is very popular with the player all around the world. This game is highly competitive that allow many players to join together. Not long ago, Voodoo has been very successful in this genre with the game This game allows you to control a black hole and eat the big city. Recently, Voodoo released a new extremely attractive io style game with the name Crowd City.

Crowd City 1

Crowd City has just been released by Voodoo in early December for the mobile platform as usual. Right after the release of the new game,  it quickly became popular with many players, which is now become famous faster than the game before. Only one day after its release, Crowd City has stayed on the top of Arcade category on the AppStore, a big startling success for Voodoo. Crowd City’s gameplay is still competitive. But not a pit as the previous product, you will control a group of people to collect other ones in your team. For more information, please refer to the article below.

Crowd City 2

Simple, addictive gameplay

You will be taken to a bustling city with many other players. There will be 10 players participating in this game to find a winner. You and the other players will lead a group of people moving in the city to gather as many people as possible. Each player will have different groups of people differentiated by color. Each match will take place in 2 minutes, you have to do all the way to grow your team, as crowded as possible. In the city, it will appear white people and you have to collect them before other players can do it. The stronger your team is, the easier it is to get new players because the team can beat everything to reach the white team, and the weaker team have to go round the track to reach the position.

The players must attack each other to scramble for the team members. Based on the strength and the number of members, the team can “swallow” the other weaker one, turning it into their team. Therefore, you need to know how to attack other weaker teams rather than simply collecting new ones. Conversely, if you meet the bigger and more powerful team, you have to find ways to avoid, otherwise, you will be “swallowed” and the game will end. After 2 minutes, the game will end and the player who owns the most team member is the winner. Overall, Crowd City MOD Apk is quite similar to Lion Studios’ Popular Wars game.

Crowd City 3

Control and upgrade

The way to control in Voodoo’s game is quite easy to understand. And so does Crowd City. You just need to control your group of people by touching the screen and navigating in whatever direction you want. This control mechanism is not new because it is identical to the Voodoo‘s previous game.

After each time you reach top 1 and win, you will receive gold stars. Collect as many gold stars as possible, these stars can help you unlock new ones when you start the game. With more people starting out, you’ll have more advantage in the competition of Crowd City MOD Apk.

In summary

Throughout the above review, we can see that the game Crowd City MOD Apk can totally make you impressed by the attractive gameplay. In terms of graphics, the game is designed with a fairly simple 3D platform like the game, so we will not comment on this part. Generally, Crowd City is an entertaining game, and of course, you will be addicted to this simple game. Lastly, download Crowd City from the link below to experience this great game.

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