Creative Destruction APK + Data v2.0.1881 - Download for Android, iOS

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Creative Destruction 1


  • Publisher: ZuoMasterDeveloper
  • Platforms: Android 4.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 34M
  • Latest Version: 2.0.1881
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

Today we will continue with the survival game, the most popular game series in the world today. For more detail, this is the best game series that has never existed in the past several years, and new survival games are constantly released. Now that there are no signs of stopping of this trend. And today we will discover a survival game from the developer ZuoMasterDeveloper called Creative Destruction.

Creative Destruction 1

The Creative Destruction game, which was released June 20, currently only supports Android, while the iOS version has not been released yet. Accordingly, Creative Destruction will be a survival game with a new different style of destruction compared to other popular survival games such as PUBG, Fortnite or Rules Of Survival. Here we will find out more about this Creative Destruction and get the download instructions for your device.

Creative Destruction – Survival game with the destruction style

Game content

Basically, the Creative Destruction game still develops the familiar gameplay of the survival arena as in other games of the same genre. But it will have many unique features which have created the unique brand for the developer, not a PUBG’s copy. You will parachute into a large 4 * 4 km map with 13 different lands. You must do everything, destroy everything, to survive in this world and become the only survivor.

Creative Destruction 2

Unique gameplay

At the beginning of the Creative Destruction, you will still parachute from a plane to a large island. However, the plane carrying you has a strange shape and how you parachute to the island is different too. As soon as you jump down to the island, you have got a weapon and begin the journey of destroying everything, without having to find the weapons as in other game. Instead of looking for narrow doors in the buildings, you can use powerful weapons to break down walls and create the paths.

Creative Destruction 3

In the game, you will not have to work alone but will have a companion – a toy beast, it will always fly around you during your adventure. At the beginning of the game, you can move freely, shatter everything to find the needed items or weapons, and the next stage will be more dramatic when you have to fight with a lot of enemies. If you do not attack other players, they will do it. You do not have much time, find yourself a reasonable tactic. Can you survive this fierce war?

Creative Destruction 4

Equipment system

The Creative Destruction game will also provide players with a variety of weapons, armor, hats, and even more. As in other survival games, you can get supplies and weapons randomly rather than buying them. Also when you take down a player, you can get the items they had.

The weapon system in Creative Destruction is fictitious with the weird powers, not the real weapons like in PUBG. The weapons in the game Creative Destruction make you think of the weapons in the cartoon movies with formidable power and a variety of shapes and colors. Rare weapons are always the best ones to choose.

Graphics and sound

All scenes, images in the game are displayed with sharp 3D graphics, giving the extremely wonderful experience. Accordingly, Creative Destruction will be more like Fortnite than the realistic PUBG. The character creation in Creative Destruction is also a strong point. What’s more, the sounds of gunshots, explosive bombs, and other lively sound effects give you the feeling of getting directly involved in the game.

Download Creative Destruction APK

Overall, Creative Destruction game is very well developed in both terms of gameplay and graphics. Most notably, Creative Destruction game provides the unique features in the series of survival, making the difference compared to the game of the same genre. This is why the Creative Destruction game is getting a lot of players. Download the Creative Destruction game from the link below to experience this great game!

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