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Craft of Survival - Gladiators MOD APK (Durability, High Physical, Magic) 5.4

Survive in a wild realm full of dangers in this 3d survival action RPG!

App NameCraft of Survival - Gladiators
Publisher 101XP LIMITED
MOD InfoDurability, High Physical, Magic
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About this MOD

✶ Damage Multiplier
✶ Dumb Enemy


About Craft of Survival

Craft of Survival is a new and innovative mobile game that gives players a one-of-a-kind adventure in a dystopian fantasy wasteland. The game is a free-to-play, 2D roguelike action RPG in which players venture into a dangerous, uncharted world. Players must go on a road of battle against wild zombies and archaic rules as they explore the Shattered Coast frontier at the start of a new age.

Violent Conflicts

Players of all skill levels will enjoy the game’s fascinating multiplayer Action RPG mode, which centers on crafting and construction and has rules for a dynamic, no-target fighting system. Players may explore dungeons to fight against unique opponents and hunt various foes across dozens of 3D environments. Participate in online raids as a group and take on challenging bosses, or strike out on your own and attempt to make it. The online PvP Battle Arena encourages participants to use their creative strategies when facing off against other players.

Paths in Interactive Multiplayer Stories

In this game, players can select one of several available races and embark on a quest to become a powerful immortal and rule the frontier of the Shattered Coast. They can shape their destiny, conduct virtual conflicts in online arenas, and establish their laws on this broken planet. Players may participate in a dynamic multiplayer plot and learn the truth about their eternal souls. The game’s stunning 3D environments range from icy wastelands and ruined cities to zombie-infested woods.

Co-op Multiplayer World in 3D

The vast uncharted territory of the Shattered Coast may be explored cooperatively in 3D using the Craft of Survival game engine. The players’ quest across the fantastical wasteland is fraught with peril and discovery. There are potential dangers, missions, and prizes around every corner in the Shattered Coast wilderness. Players can go to the Frost Wasteland, the Dark Forest, or be among the first heroes to take a strong raft and track the enigmatic Earth in the ocean as they discover it in this bleak online fantasy world at the start of a new era. Aside from the usual suspects like ferocious wolves and toxic zombie lords, players may also run into “El Diablo,” a soulless exile and trusted lieutenant of Black Frost’s gang boss. They may learn to understand the strategy of Arena games and try out all its features.

Build, Craft & Survive

Players must do everything it takes to stay alive in the mobile multiplayer universe of Build, Craft, and Survive Craft of Survival. They have to survive in the woods around the clock, track down mythical beasts, and eliminate any threat of looters. Players can band up with other heroes in the clan for a fighting chance in this bleak crafting simulator. Players may establish themselves in a humble shack and work their way to a thriving community through farming, crafting, and construction. In this cooperative crafting simulator, they may find allies: intelligent wizards, ingenious innovators, and heroic soul warfighters willing to abide by their laws and provide a hand.

Important Characteristics

While exploring stunning 3D dungeons and fighting off zombies and demons, players can employ their tactics and strategies in this game. Players may join online raids against formidable zombie bosses or try to outlast them alone. The game also features player-versus-player (PvP) battles online, where people worldwide may meet and do battle in massive arenas to complete quests and earn valuable prizes. In this fantastical environment, players can go to new lands in search of supplies for their upcoming inquiries. They can fortify their homes with weapons and supplies, creating a haven from which to sleep when humans or animals attack them at night.

MOD APK version of Craft of Survival

MOD feature

Durability, High Physical, Magic


In sum, Craft of Survival is a thrilling game that offers a one-of-a-kind simulation of a gloomy fantasy wasteland. The game features exciting fights, a branching storyline for multiple players, a 3D co-op multiplayer universe, and the ability to construct, craft, and survive. Key features include online PvP battles, exploring different places in this fantasy world, building shelters, hoarding supplies, killing foes in various environments, teaming up with friends to take on fearsome zombie bosses, and more.

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