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Craft Guys: Stumble Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.9

App NameCraft Guys: Stumble Run
Publisher ABI Global LTD
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Get it onGoogle Play

Join funny endless races with Craft Guys: Stumble Run (MOD Unlimited money). You will control Craft Guys by running, jumping, or crawling to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

About Craft Guys Stumble Run

Craft Guys Stumble Run is an exciting adventure game released by ABI Global LTD. It is currently available on the Play Store and is free to download.

This game offers challenges to test your reflexes and coordination skills. Your task is to control Craft Guys to move to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. It has hundreds of challenging levels that you have to conquer.

The game world is colorful with fun music, but don’t let them fool you. There are many deadly traps and dangerous obstacles that you must overcome. You also have to face strange creatures. They can be helpful companions to help you overcome obstacles. Others are not friendly; they will prevent you from moving forward.

Each level brings new challenges and pitfalls. You must stay awake to avoid the pitfalls and move the Craft Guys to the end portal. Do not forget to collect the gold coins scattered on the map. They will be very useful for unlocking new items in the shop.

Besides beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay, Craft Guys: Stumble Run has a simple and flexible control mechanism. You just need to control the character to move forward, left, or right to avoid obstacles or jump over holes. It is suitable for everyone, including children.

Craft Guys Stumble Run mod gameplay

The gameplay is simple but challenging.

The rules of the game are apparent. You will start a level in an arena in the air. The machines, traps, and creatures are randomly arranged to create a hindrance. Your task is to control the main character- Craft Guys- to move flexibly to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line.

You complete a level when you clear all the traps and reach the end gate safely. Craft Guys: Stumble Run punishes you immediately if you make a mistake. If you hit a trap or fall into a pit, you must start that level again at the respawn point.

A bar in the top left corner shows your character’s status. It is filled with ten hearts. You will lose one heart when caught in a trap. When all hearts disappear, the game is over.

Although you need to overcome many pitfalls and obstacles, the levels in Craft Guys: Stumble Run are not as difficult as you think. A simple and flexible control mechanism makes it easy for you to control your character.

You need to handle situations quickly and accurately. Some cases require jumping to get through holes; others require running as fast as possible to escape a strange creature. Mistakes can cost you by replaying the level from the beginning.

Craft Guys Stumble Run mod apk download

Take control of your Craft Guys.

As we mentioned, the game’s control mechanics are a plus. It’s simple and intuitive. The control mechanism is extremely important in a puzzle game requiring high precision handling, like Craft Guys: Stumble Run. Latency issues can make your playing experience bad.

We will talk about how you will control the character in the game. There is a navigation key on the left side to move your character forward or sideways. The opposite direction is an action key to jump. Everything is very clear and intuitive. However, the challenge in the levels requires you to carefully calculate your moves. You must reach the end of the level without any problems. Some of the instructions below may be helpful if you are having difficulty in the levels.

  • Ready for the moves. Some traps appear unexpectedly. Make sure you are ready for any situation. Most of the level failures come from your control reflexes not being fast enough.
    Choose a suitable Craft Guys character. You start the game with the base character. There are several other Craft Guys that you can unlock. Each character is characterized by stats, including speed, shape, color, HP, etc. They also possess unique skills. It can give the advantage to win.
  • Collect the coins. In the levels, there are gold coins scattered at random locations. You have the opportunity to collect them. The gold coin is userful. They can be used to unlock new characters or upgrade items. You can complete the level by ignoring the coins, but they will slow down your progress.
  • Drag across the screen to explore the map. Each level in the game corresponds to a map. They are entirely not the same. The obstacles and traps are arranged differently at different levels. Therefore, you need to have an overview of the level before starting a level. You can change the viewing angle by dragging on the screen. Move your finger to observe all the pitfalls. It is undoubtedly a wise move to prepare for the next move.
  • Use your favorite perspective. There are two viewing angle options for the game, including third-person and first-person. You can choose your favorite view to start a level. Each option has specific advantages. The first-person perspective brings more attractive gameplay, but it is difficult for you to observe the surrounding obstacles. The third-person perspective option offers enjoyable gameplay. You have good enough viewing angles to see everything around you. It’s also easier to improvise when encountering unexpected pitfalls.
  • Upgrade your Craft Guys. It is a simple way to strengthen your character. Upgrading increases character stats and gives the advantage of completing levels faster.

These are just a few valuable tips to make it easier for you to conquer the levels in the game. Victory depends on your reflexes and moving skills. The game has hundreds of different levels with increasing difficulty. It will take you hours to complete. Don’t worry; the game graphics are very bright, with vibrant music that will keep you excited when starting a level.

Minecraft-style pixel graphics

Craft Guys Stumble Run builds a colorful world. It is the opposite of the challenges that the player will face. Besides the traps, you will encounter many dangerous creatures. The game’s graphics are in the style of Minecraft. Your character is designed as simple as being assembled from square blocks.

Unlock and upgrade your Craft Guys.

You start the game with a Craft Guys with base stats. You can unlock new characters when you reach the required levels or collect enough coins. There are many unique Craft Guys skins to unlock. Applying a new skin will instantly change the look of your character. It also affects the overall stats of the character.

Each Craft Guys has unique skills. They will always help complete levels. Skins can be unlocked with coins you collect. With premium skins, you will spend a lot of money. You can also instantly unlock a skin from an in-app purchase. They cost between $1.99 and $3.99. Honestly, you can unlock most skins if you work hard to collect the coins.

Don’t forget to upgrade your Craft Guys to increase his overall stats.

MOD APK of Craft Guys Stumble Run

Craft Guys Stumble Run MOD will bring the best playing experience for you. Many of the items in the game are not free. You need to spend time or money to unlock them. If you want to use all of them for free, download the latest Craft Guys Stumble Run mod apk. Here are the mod functions:

  • Craft Guys Stumble Run MOD unlimited money: You have a lot of money to shop in the game store.
  • Craft Guys Stumble Run mod removes ads: all ads have been removed for the best playing experience.
  • Unlock them all


Craft Guys Stumble Run is an attractive puzzle game you should not miss. There are hundreds of levels with many challenges for you to conquer. It has colorful graphics and simple controls suitable for everyone.

Download Craft Guys: Stumble Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.9

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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