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Cover Hunter - 3v3 Team Battle MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Ammo) 1.8.20

fps team shooter,10-minute Survival Shooter,Fast 3v3 Battle Royle.

App NameCover Hunter - 3v3 Team Battle
Publisher FPS Shooter & Action Game
MOD InfoGod Mode, One Hit, Ammo
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About this MOD


1. God Mode
2. One Hit Kill
3. Rapid Fire (Enable before a level) (Works with all guns except sniper and rpg-7)
4. Unlimited Ammo
5. Unlock Talent
6. Talent Max Level
7. No Ads (Enabled by default)
8. Unlock All Weapons
9. Unlimited Money (Enabled by default)

Note: Play game without internet connection




About Cover Hunter

Are you a fan of games played from the first-person shooter (FPS) perspective? If so, you should play the Cover Hunter card game. Fans of first-person shooters will like the non-stop action-packed experience provided by this 3D offline team shooting game. Jump into the fray and help your squad wipe out the opposition immediately. The best part is that there are no fees to pay to participate.

You will soon have access to brand-new game modes, maps, and weapons

New game types, maps, and weaponry are just some of the exciting content additions that can be found in this game. Over twenty differently-skinned modern guns, including the Desert Eagle, AK-47, M4A1, AWP, GATLIN, and many others, are available for players to select from. The game features stunningly lifelike three-dimensional graphics and engaging animations that provide an immersive gaming experience.

Cover Hunter is easy to play, with fluid controls that are perfect even for devices that aren’t very powerful, and it features several maps that give diverse strategies. The best part is that it does not require online connectivity so you may enjoy it whenever and anywhere.

Participate in FPS Levels That Are Quite Impressive

Players participate in missions in Cover Hunter, each with a specific objective to eliminate within a given time. The player is rewarded with game items after completing each level, and they are free to unlock as many weapons as they choose with these items. The game also provides a large number of abilities that have excellent support effects.

Players will face various formidable foes as they go through the game and complete many challenging missions. They have access to a wide array of weaponry, which they can use to take out their enemies, and there are also exciting weapons that players can find and employ. The game’s setting has been designed well, making for an enjoyable experience overall.

Take part in quests designed to bring down your foes

The game provides its participants with a variety of objectives to complete. At the start of each level, you will be introduced to a friend and tasked with locating the foe. You can move about the environment as you choose, but you must always be vigilant because opponents can appear anytime. You have a limited amount of time to eliminate all of the necessary foes within the level, and you must do so in the most efficient manner possible.

The ability for players to pick up any weapons they desire after dispatching foes is one of the more exciting aspects of this game. When an enemy is defeated, the player can automatically pick up the weapon they were using before it fell to the ground. This feature assists players in charging their weapons and locating the one most suited to their playstyle.

Unlock Useful Weapons and Talents to Improve Your Gameplay

The player is responsible for unlocking the many weapons in Cover Hunter after gaining the knowledge necessary to use them. These weapons come from a range of categories. Each level awards a certain number of diamonds to the player, which can be spent on purchasing weapons and upgrading talents that benefit the player.

This version of the game also introduces a new gameplay system called a talent mechanism with locked empty cells. Players need diamonds to access these skills, which have various intriguing consequences. For instance, players can receive additional benefits and awards based on their level and the skills they choose to use. Once a player has unlocked a skill, they can use the corresponding resource to either open a new talent or improve an existing one.

Experience the Fun and Exciting Process While Completing Special Missions

The gameplay of Cover Hunter draws players in since it has them engage in combat against many foes while adhering to strict time limits. Players have various options for dispatching enemies, including using multiple weapons and items; also, acquiring new weaponry will alter the gameplay experience. Any level can be finished offline, and doing so offers a variety of awards that can be used in different contexts. The players will have access to a wide variety of weapons from various categories, and it will be up to them to select the appropriate one to progress through the level.

A talent system is included in the game, through which players can obtain various advantageous effects, such as an increase in the total amount of awards earned. Cover Hunter, as a whole, offers a fun gameplay experience with a variety of stunning objectives and a variety of features that make it the best first-person shooter game.


For fans of first-person shooter games who are searching for an experience that is both immersive and action-packed, Cover Hunter is an absolute necessity. The newly added game types, areas, and weapons have various intriguing new features that keep players interested and delighted throughout the experience. The game’s excellent first-person shooter levels offer players an exciting experience, thanks to the inclusion of more than 20 modern firearms and graphics rendered in realistic 3D.

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