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  • Publisher: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Platforms: Android +
  • Price: FREE
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 78M
  • Latest Version: 1.6.0
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  • Date Updated: March 13, 2019

Command & Conquer: Rivals – Superb game for mobile

Command & Conquer is an extremely popular strategy game series which has been famous for many years. This series was developed by Westwood Studios and is distributed by many publishers, mostly by Electronic Arts. But now the strategy game is no longer popular and become really unknown. Electronic Arts, the publisher of the famous Command & Conquer has recently announced that they will release a new version of Command & Conquer for mobile phones.

Command Conquer Rivals 1

At EA Play, EA’s own developer event prior to the E3 this year, the company has announced the launch of Command & Conquer: Rivals for smartphones. This is a new Command & Conquer version which is inspired by the famous Clash Royale. Command & Conquer: Rivals is expected to be released in the mid-summer of 2018. Before the game’s release, let’s take a look at how this game will be developed on the¬†mobile platform.

Fascinating tactical gameplay

About the gameplay, the game will still a strategic one. Players will still control the troops to fight as the previous version, but it will be refreshed in the inspiration of the game Clash Royale. The task of the player is to build a wealthy economic kingdom and constantly upgrade modern buildings. After stabilizing the economy, the most important thing is to build a strong army and be ready to fight with all other opponents. When the army is ready, you will be able to send troops to destroy the base of the opponent with a series of different troops and missiles. In order to win strong opponents, the most important thing is tactics. It means your chance of a win will not completely dependent on the military system.

Command Conquer Rivals 2

As in all the other versions on Windows and consoles, Tiberium will play the role of a currency, but also a resource in the game. Without it, you can not do anything nor become the winner in this game. During the experience, players can build up diggers and harvest more resources, which is quite similar to other Command & Conquer versions. The game will also feature a variety of playing maps and the custom play modes for players to choose.

Command Conquer Rivals 3

What’s about the graphics?

As in the previous Command & Conquer versions which are very well-known for their high-end graphics experience, the mobile version of Command & Conquer: Rivals will also have the ultimate impressive graphical experience. The game was invested so much with the sharp 3D graphics based on the best imaging technology today. From now on, the fierce battles in Command & Conquer: Rivals will be created with great authenticity, wonderful view, and you have the feeling that it’s not just a mobile game.

Command Conquer Rivals 4

To conclude with,

Generally, Command & Conquer: Rivals has been refurbished by EA to serve the demand of gamers at the current time as well as to fit mobile devices. With an attractive strategy gameplay and high-end 3D graphics, Command & Conquer: Rivals will be a big hit in the near future, bringing great success to EA as well. It will also mark the reborn of the world’s leading strategy game series – Command & Conquer. Let’s wait and see how it work! You can now subscribe to this game from the EA homepage via the link below.

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